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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 41 min.

Synopsis Open with Weiss talking with Hastings about the current situation regarding the plot to kill President Hassan. CTU is still working on decrypting the file from Reed's computer.Cole and Dana talk about Chloe's theory that Reed is a decoy. Cole leaves for the United Nations.Jack goes to the location at which the mystery man was dropped by the cab.Davros is still with Jim and Maggie when the phone rings with their supervisor. Jim calls in sick and tells the captain Davros/Mike will be filling in.Jack pays some kids $100 to tell him which house the man went into after getting out of the cab. Jack looks in the window and sees Jim and Maggie's bodies. He goes in using the backdoor. Just as Chloe picks up the phone two cops knock on the door responding to a neighbors call. As Jack tries to explain the situation to one cop, the other tasers him to the ground and informs his partner Jack is a cop-killer.Hastings is told Reed has one of Hassan's secure key cards to his private residence. The front desk informs Dana that Kevin Wade has shown up asking for her. After removing her engagement ring, Dana meets with Wade. He threatens to expose her secret if she doesn't give him a place to crash. She gives him her house key.Hastings asks Reed about the key card. Eventually she tells him about her romantic relationship with Hassan. Hastings calls Weiss to get try and get Hassan on the phone.Chloe tells Hastings she has lost touch with Jack. Hastings isn't interested in helping. She thinks Reed's story about an affair with Hassan supports her theory that the reporter is a decoy. Hastings is convinced Reed is lying.The cop named John ties Jack up in the basement and starts beating him senseless. His partner isn't so sure what's happening but John sends him upstairs.Davros, posing as a motorcycle cop, shows up for work as part of the UN team helping secure the streets around the building. Cole briefs the team.Hassan and President Taylor's talks are interrupted with Hassan needed on the phone to speak with CTU. On the way, Farhad tries to convince his brother he must deny the affair. After confirming with Hastings that their conversation is private, Hassan confirms that Reed's story is accurate. Hassan doesn't think Reed could be involved in an assassination attempts but doesn't have any proof.Despite the corroboration, Hastings tells Chloe he still won't move to help Jack. He also forbids Chloe to leave CTU and help Jack.Farhad calls Davros and tells him his brother admitted his affair. He thinks CTU may figure out she is being framed, but Davros doesn't think they should change their plan. He assures Farhad that Hassan will be dead within an hour.Jack is able to get the jump on John down in the basement. John's partner Phillip hears the commotion and comes down with his gun drawn. Not sure who to believe, Phillip calls in the situation. On the suggestion of Jack, he asks about Jim's assignment for that day.Arlo finishes decrypting the files on Reed's computer. They call over Hastings to view what appears to be plans related to a construction project which took place at the UN eight months earlier. It seems to indicate bombs may have been installed in the UN's main chamber. Hastings calls for an immediate evacuation, while Chloe suggests these plans might be fake and simply another part of the assassination plot.Cole begins the evacuation and takes charge of Hassan detail. Cut to Davros who uses his phone to active a bomb located underneath a manhole in the middle of a nearby street.After Hassan is loaded into a vehicle, Farhad calls Davros to tell him exactly which car his brother will be in the procession. Farhad gets into a different vehicle with Hassan's wife and daughter.Phillip learns that Jim had called in sick and that a cop named Mike covered the shift. His story having checked out, Phillip lets Jack out of a squad car and fills him in. Jack immediately realizes this other cop is the assassin and has Phillip drive him to the UN. On the way Jack tells Chloe what's happening and has her patch him through to Cole. Jack explains to Cole he must get Hassan's car off the street or the president will die. Cole speeds ahead in the procession and cuts off Hassan's vehicle just before it reaches the manhole and Davros sets off the charge. Both cards flip into the air as the hour ends.

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anil Kapoor, Mykelti Williamson, Katee Sackhoff, more...

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