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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis We open with Davros leaving the scene of the helicopter explosion and telling someone on the phone that Victor has been taken care of. Since they aren't sure how much Victor may have told CTU, Davros thinks they need to "accelerate the hit."Cole tells Hastings that two of his men are dead. He's furious with Hastings that the operation wasn't handled properly. Jack tells Hastings that Victor's last words were about someone close to Hassan being in on the hit. Hastings demands Jack come in. Dana tells Hastings they are looking into someone having accessed the UN's secure server.During the Taylor/Hassan press conference Hastings gets Weiss up to speed.After the speech Hassan calls Reed. She is very interested in their meeting and is on her way up to his office.Arlo reminds Hastings he had mentioned the drones weren't ready for an operation like the one to pick up Jack and Victor. Dana has found out the UN hacker was looking for Hassan's security information. Chloe traces the IP address back to Reed. Hastings calls UN security and they grab Reed just before she gets to Hassan.Hastings tells his staff that they believe Reed was using her access to assist the assassin. Chloe thinks it appears Reed may have been framed and they should be looking into other possibilities. Hastings doesn't seem interested and assigns her to debrief Jack.When Cole arrives at CTU Hastings suggests he hold-off on officially reporting his complaint about the failed mission. Hastings tell Cole and Jack about Reed, and Jack calls Kim to tell her he'll be delayed further. She plans to pick him up at CTU on the way to the airport. Hastings hammers home to Cole the importance of keeping things off the record.Chloe tells Jack her theory about Reed and adds she found traffic camera footage of a man entering and exiting Reed's building at the exact time of the server intrusion. Chloe doesn't think Hastings will listen to her and asks Jack to bring it up. Jack doesn't think it's his problem.Dalia yells at Hassan for allowing Reed such access and suggests there may have been more going on between the two. Farhad takes Hassan aside and says that with Reed in custody he must know the truth about their relationship. Hassan admits he's been having an affair with Reed. Farhad advises him to deny any relationship with Reed.Farhad leaves the room and (gasp!) calls Davros with an update. Davros tells him they need to discredit Reed so CTU continues to think she is his contact on the inside. Within an hour Davros will be ready to move on Hassan.Dana gets a call from a man who suspiciously refers to her as Jenny Scott. She hangs up on him.Reed arrives at CTU and denies any knowledge of encrypted files on her laptop or an assassination attempt on Hassan. Hastings isn't buying it and moves forward with "biometric" interrogation. Jack tells Hastings about Chloe's research and adds she is someone to be trusted. Hastings has no interest in sending agents to look into the theory. Chloe pleads with Jack to help her but he says he can't do it this time.Kim and the family show up at CTU to get Jack. Kim tells Jack she called Chloe and knows what is going on. Kim doesn't think Jack will be able to live with himself if anything happens to Hassan which he could have help prevent. Jack decides to stay at CTU and catch a later flight to L.A.Hastings begins interrogating Reed, who is hooked up to a kind of lie detector.President Taylor tells Hassan his security is their highest priority. He asks to be kept in the loop regarding any information about Reed.Chloe hacks into some drone footage and finds the man leaving Reed's apartment and getting a cab. She gets the cab medallion and Jack tells Chloe to find the cab's location while he goes to the CTU armory to grab some weapons.Dana calls her sister Ruth. Ruth also calls Dana by the name Jenny. Dana tells Ruth that Kevin Wade has found her. Dana thinks Ruth told Wade how to find her since she's the only one who "knows the truth." Dana is worried that Wade could ruin her career and impending marriage to Cole.Arlo tells Dana someone hacked into his station and looked into the drone records.When Reed tells Hastings her relationship with Hassan was strictly professional, it registers as a lie. Hastings takes this to mean she is involved with the assassination plot.Davros walks up to a house and rings the door. A woman named Maggie answers and Davros speaks to her with a New York accent. Maggie calls him Mike. He asks if Jim is still around. Its apparent Jim and "Mike" are cops assigned to the UN security detail.Dana interrupts Hastings to tell him about Chloe's actions. Hastings and Cole grab Jack in the armory and begin to place him in custody. Jack suggests that if Hastings lets him look into Chloe's theory he won't mention to President Taylor the mistakes CTU made in attempting to bring Victory into custody. Hastings agrees.When Jim comes downstairs Davros/Mike asks if he can switch shifts with him so Davros can work that day. Jim says he cannot because of something with his kid. At this point Davros pulls out a gun and begins speaking in his European accent. He demands Jim call their supervisor and tell him he's sick and Davros will be covering for him. Davros even shoots Maggie in the thigh when Jim hesitates. Jim agrees to make the call as the hour ends.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anil Kapoor, Mykelti Williamson, Katee Sackhoff, more...

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