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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with a shady-looking guy ducking into a building and barely missing getting shot by a sniper. Inside the man finds one of his aasociates has been shot. He calls another friend and she tells him an additional friend has been shot. The man is able to avoid the men trying to kill him by sneaking out a side exit and stealing a car. He is able to flee the scene, but is shot in the left shoulder.We see Jack lounging around his apartment with his granddaughter. Kim calls and tells him she is on the way to pick up the little girl. After hanging up, Kim tells her husband how much she hopes Jack will come to Los Angeles with them.Cut to President Taylor and Secretary of State Kanin engaged in talks with Kamistan President Omar Hassan at the United Nations. Hassan and his brother Farhad are working with the Americans on some kind of disarmament/peace accord, but are hung up on an issue of weapons inspectors.The sides adjourn and Taylor tells Kanin to make it work, that the deal is too important to risk losing.When Jack meets with Kim he tells her he has found both a job and a place to live in L.A. Everyone is giddy and it seems the Bauer family will finally be together. As soon as Kim leaves we see the guy who was shot in the opening grab a gun and go into Jack's building.Chief of Staff Weiss addresses the media about the increased security surrounding an upcoming press conference with Taylor and Hassan. We then see a female member of the press told her credentials have been revoked.Farhad tells Hassan the Americans are going to make the inspector issue work. Farhad clearly thinks they have given up too much already. The journalist, Meredith Reed, calls Hassan personally and tells him what happened. He says he'll fix the problem and confirms a later interview. It was Farhad who had Reed's credential revoked. He is worried his brother's relationship with the woman is more than professional and could be dangerous for his reputation.Jack opens the door for the man, a former informant named Victor. Victor tells Jack he has information that Hassan will be killed some time that day and he wants Jack to get him immunity from CTU.Cut to CTU and see two current operatives, Cole Ortiz and Dana Walsh, discussing security for the Taylor/Hassan talks. It seems the two are engaged. We see Chloe is back working at CTU and having difficulty acclimating to the system. Jack calls Chloe with the news about Victor.Chloe connects Jack to CTU director Brian Hastings. Jack convinces Hastings the intel should be taken seriously. After speaking with Victor, Hastings agrees to bring in the informant. Jack agrees to take Victor to the nearest helipad 12 blocks away. Victor tells them he believes the assassins are monitoring emergency channels.Cole tells CTU computer whiz Arlo Glass to arrange surveillance with drones. Cole is shot down when he asks Hastings for a second team to help secure the landing.Jack leaves the building with Victor. We see a man with a thick accent (Davros) is running the show. They've heard a police report of Victor's car being outside Jack's building and are on their way.Kanin tells Taylor that by the next session they may reach an agreement. She references having had a messy divorce from Henry. Weiss comes in and tell them about Victor and Jack. He suggests telling Hassan about the threat, but Kanin doesn't like the idea. Taylor says she'll think it over.After the meeting we see Kanin is taking some sort of medication.Jack tells Kim he's going to be late and may have to meet her at the airport.Hastings clearly isn't happy with the way Chloe has been acclimating to her post at CTU. It appears she is on thin ice.Cole and his team leave to pick up Jack and Victor.Victor's health starts to worsen and Jack has to take dramatic medical action. A man sees Jack jamming mattress padding into Victor's wound and calls 911.We see Hassan's wife Dalia getting ready for the conference. Her daughter Kayla shows up to wait for her and it's clear Dalia and Hassan's relationship is essentially for show. Reed shows up at the UN and Farhad warns her to stay away from Hassan.Taylor decides not to tell Hassan he is being targeted. Weiss hates the decision.Two NYPD cops stop Jack. While Jacks tries to explain what's happening a few of Davros's men show up and open fire, taking the uniformed cops out. Jack and Victor are able to escape into a nearby building. Jack calls CTU and tells them there is no way he will be able to reach the original meeting point. Dana and Chloe locate a closer roof. Jack manages to kill one of the henchman with an axe to the chest, knocking the other down several flights of stairs to his death.Jack meets Cole and the CTU chopper. While Cole and Jack discuss Jack coming with them to CTU, Davros himself fires a rocket into the chopper. Jack grabs Cole and the two jump for cover at the last second. Jack rushes to the dying Victor and demands he give up his information about the Hassan plot. All he can get out before dying is that someone "on the inside, close to Hassan" is responsible.We hear Reed tell someone on the phone that she is behind schedule "but it'll get done."

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anil Kapoor, Mykelti Williamson, Katee Sackhoff, more...

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