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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with CTU assessing the damage caused by the EMP. The central system is down and they are unable to control their surveillance drones. CTU is currently unable to prevent the rods from entering the city.Jack calls his buddy Bill over at NSA. Bill agrees to access traffic cameras and see if they can locate Samir's SUV. NSA agrees to shutdown all traffic into the city, so Jack and Cole head for the way the terrorists could get the rods in: the East River.Cut to Samir and Faroush arriving at a dock along the East River. Samir is briefed that CTU has been shutdown and their location has been secured. Samir takes Faroush aside and assures him that sacrificing Kayla was the only way they could get the rods into the city. We see the rods being unloaded.After telling her she is being sent back to the UN to help identify possible terror subjects, Hastings reveals to Kayla that Faroush used her to attack CTU and is still alive.Samir's men spot Jack and Cole's SUV approaching. He orders them to "take it out" as soon as it is within range.As Jack drives, Cole uses night vision goggles to scan the area. When they are unable to make phone calls despite having full bars, Jack realizes they are being jammed and immediately throws the car into reverse. Samir's men open fire from several locations, and force them to become trapped between two buildings. The men are temporarily safe behind the armored car, but cannot leave or signal anyone from the outside. Samir realizes this and takes the rods from the scene. Jack spots a phone box against a nearby building.Cole tells Hastings three people were killed in the pulse blast. A team from NSA arrives to help get CTU back online. The NSA guys are led by engineer Frank Haynam who helped design CTU and is particular about wanting to do things his way. Haynam's team heads down to the server room. Chloe realizes that Jack is missing and asks Hastings to go look for him. He tells her they don't have the resources and sends to help Haynam.Chloe suggest a potentially faster way to get CTU back up and running. He dismisses her idea as too dangerous (possible electrocution, fire, etc.) and tells her to leave.Still worried about Jack, Chloe calls Walker and tells her the situation. She gives Walker a lead on Jack's last location. Walker suggests Chloe do whatever necessary to get CTU back online.Dana takes Prady aside and tells him that every file in the building has been wiped clean and she cannot help him. She wishes him good luck and leaves. He tells her to call him if she has more info.When Haynam against rejects Chloe's plan, she pulls a gun on him and orders all the NSA guys out of the server room. She locks herself in and starts working.Jacks finishes fashioning an armored wedge from the shields in the car and organizes the four men to (two other agents were in the back) to form a wedge over to the call box. On the way one of the agents panics and runs for it. He is shot and the other three have to retreat. As the terrorists shoot at the agent on the ground, the third agent tries to rescue him. He is also shot.Kayla is returned to her parents. She apologizes to Hassan for not trusting him about Faroush being a traitor. Hassan sounds like he's wavering about the peace agreement. Dalia convinces him he has to be strong.Haynam brings Hastings down to the server room. They eventually disable the lock and get inside. Chloe tells Hastings she's ten minutes away from being finished. Hastings asks for Dana's input and she sides with Haynam. Regardless, Chloe is able to talk Hastings into giving her a shot at getting CTU back online. Hastings is told a man named Prady is asking to speak with him. Dana hears this.Chloe gets CTU up and running again and they immediately get the drones looking for Jack. Chloe tells Hastings that Walker was looking for Jack.The second agent dies, leaving only Jack and Cole. Jack orders Cole to make a run for the call box after he runs in the other direction as a diversion. Jack gets engaged in a firefight and ends up taking two bullets to the chest. A terrorist places Jack's head in his crosshairs but is killed from behind by Walker before he can finish Jack off. Walker takes out the remaining terrorist as Cole runs for the call box. Walker thinks Jack's lung may be collapsed but none of the bullets got through his vest. Cole got though to CTU and they are enlisting help from NYPD to look for Samir and the rods.Dana goes to the room where Prady is waiting to speak with Hastings. She goes inside and insists she's answered all his questions. Prady tells her she's a liar and that he's not leaving until he knows the truth. She hits him several times and strangles him to death with a rope. Dana hides Prady's body in a wall panel and she places a call. "It's me, she says. "CTU is back online." We then see she is speaking to (double gasp!) Samir. She tells him she's been busy preserving her cover and tells him she'll call him in a few minutes. Samir and his men are loading the rods into the trunk of a cab and he tells Dana he's going to need some help getting clear of CTU surveillance.

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anil Kapoor, Annie Wersching, Mykelti Williamson, more...

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