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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Open with Cole seeing Dana's body and being told she was shot at close range, execution-style.Cut to Jack viewing the video from Dana's file. It is her talking with Pavel about getting out and eventually marrying Cole. Pavel counters that she has much left to do for them.Jack calls Ricker after sending him the file. He asks him to ID Pavel and says he's on his way over.Pillar briefs CTU that Jack has killed Dana and Cole, who has been helping Jack, is on his way in for questioning. Chloe suggests that perhaps Dana had evidence of Russia's involvement in the terrorist plot. Pillar quickly dismisses the notion.Chloe tells Arlo she thinks Jack was right all along and he probably has the evidence.Ricker tells Jack he won't ID Pavel until he knows why everyone is after him. Jack tells him the Russians killed Walker and "I need to make them pay." Ricker then gives Jack Pavel's name and tells him he got in the county on a diplomatic visa.Cut to Meredith Reed getting a call at her newspaper. It is Jack and he tells her of the connection between Russia and Hassan's death. He wants to meet at a coffee stand to get her the evidence.Pillar asks Cole for Jack's whereabouts. Cole tells him nothing and even points out that Pillar is part of the cover-up. Pillar tries to convince Cole that Jack used him but it doesn't work.Pillar's assistant Eden tells him they intercepted keywords that may be Jack's call to Reed. Pillar then removes Arlo and gives Eden his computer so she can look into it further.Walker and Novakovich listen to Jack's call with Reed courtesy of Pillar. Pillar has sent the Russian ops team to the coffee stand and tells Novakovich he will keep the local cops away from the scene.Chloe tells Arlo that Pillar downloaded the call, made several hidden calls but did not dispatch CTU to the scene. She thinks Pillar & Co. believe Jack knows too much and are going to take him out. They create their own network so Chloe can sneak in and talk to Cole.Chloe tells Cole what's going to happen to Jack. Cole doesn't think Jack really cares about the cover-up and tells Chloe that he killed Dana point-blank. She finally talks him into helping and Cole tells her that Jack must have a supplier helping him. Chloe has Arlo pull up a list of Jack's contacts.Pavel tells Logan his team is in position. Logan essentially gives him permission to kill Reed as well.President Taylor and Dalia talk through specifics of the treaty. Taylor excuses herself because Logan has arrived with info about Jack. Logan tells her they have an operation under way to re-acquire him. Three hours from signing the treaty, Logan asks for some type of public acknowledgement of his role in the process.Pavel is watching the coffee stand through the scope of a high-powered rifle. Just as he is about to take out Jack, Ricker puts a gun to the back of Pavel's head. Ricker tells Jack the sniper has been eliminated just as Pillar orders the rest of the Russian team to go after Jack. Shoots three of the Russians and runs off with Reed. Jack, Reed, Ricker and Pavel leave the scene together.Logan is informed Jack got away with Pavel. Pillar realizes that Jack used Reed to draw them out. Since Pavel is aware of everything Pillar thinks Logan should "distance himself" from everything. With his public credit minutes away Logan doesn't want to give up. He orders Pillar to leave CTU and look for Jack.Using the security footage at the shootout Arlo begins looking for someone who matches Jack's known associates.Jack and Ricker take Pavel and Reed into an empty store. Reed realizes Jack used the phone call with them to draw the Russian out. She is upset he put her in danger but Jack gives her the memory card and apologizes. Jack has Ricker take Reed away so he can get the rest of the information from Pavel. Jack realizes Pavel is carrying the exact weapon used to kill Walker. "Go to hell," Pavel tells Jack. "You first," is the response.Reed watches the video of Pavel talking to Dana about Hassan's death.Jack talks to Pavel about the fact Walker did not die immediately. Pavel admits killing Walker and Jack starts beating the crap out of him.Pillar arrives at the shooting location and takes over the scene. He shows the local cops they are to locate Jack and "shoot on sight."Jack continues to torture Pavel and asks for who gave the order for Walker to be killed. He burns Pavel with a blowtorch but still gets nothing. Realizing that Pavel has swallowed the SIM card for his phone, Jack starts cutting into his stomach. Jack reaches into Pavel's stomach, pulls out the card and puts it in the phone. He calls the last number dialed and hears Logan's voicemail.

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Katee Sackhoff, John Boyd, Freddie Prinze Jr., more...

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