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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Open with Dana calling Wade, who is at a strip club with partner-in-crime. Wade tells her there is now a new deal and they want her to continue to set them up with scores. Nick grabs the phone and tells Dana if she doesn't continue to help them they will tell Cole and Hastings who she really is.Arlo confronts Dana about her sneaking around. He thinks she's cheating on Cole and tells her she needs to tell Cole what she's up to.Cole tells Hastings they have no leads on where Jack was taken. Hastings asks Dana about ducking away and Chloe ends up covering for her.Jack is brought to Bazhaev's hideout. He tell Bazhaev the cover story, that he represents a syndicate that heard about the rods via Middle East contacts and is prepared to pay $250 million for them. Bazhaev thinks he's a cop and tells his henchman Dimitri to make Jack talk.Josef returns from burying Oleg and hands Bazhaev Oleg's necklace. Bazhaev tells him to keep it and fills him in regarding Jack and the potential leak on Farhad's end.Dimitri begins an electrocution interrogation of Jack.Hastings briefs President Taylor on the full situation with Jack and the rods.Farhad gets a call from one of his aids. The sense is that if Hassan continues arresting opposition at his current rate it won't matter if Farhad is able to get nuclear material. Bazhaev and Josef tell Farhad about Jack. Bazhaev is concerned they might be exposed and is putting a hold on delivery of the rods. Farhad becomes angry and Josef puts a gun to his head. They suggest Farhad should wait for the rods elsewhere. Bazhaev tell Josef to take Farhad to his own people.Walker arrives at CTU to be de-briefed. Hastings is upset with her for killing Vladimir and for withholding her suicide attempt. Walker tell Chloe she blames herself for Jack's current predicament.Dana tells Cole she needs to speak with him. She begins to tell him about Wade, but puts the conversation on hold when he assures her that nothing about her past would affect his love for her.Jack pretends to be unconscious and uses the trick to knock Dimitri unconscious with the electrodes. He begins to look for a way out of his handcuffs.Kayla demands to speak with her father about his detainment of Faroush. She tries unsuccessfully to convince him Faroush is on his side. She tells him about their relationship. He responds by forbidding her to see Faroush.Jack gets free just as Dimitri wakes up. He is able to kill Dimitri but finds the man's cell phone doesn't work. Jack leaves the room and turns off the power for the building. Bazhaev immediately realizes Jack is responsible. When one of Bazhaev's men goes to the fuse box Jack overpowers him and takes his cell phone. He calls Chloe and has her trace the call. Jack and Bazhaev get into a brief exchange of gun fire which ends (shockingly) with Jack knocking the man out.CTU now knows it is up against Bazhaev and Hastings prepared to send a tactical team to his hideout.With police on the scene but CTU still five minutes away, Jack asks Bazhaev to give up the location of the rods. Bazhaev becomes emotional about Oleg's death and agrees to help Jack in exchange for full immunity for him and Josef. Jack calls CTU to see if this is possible and ends up on a conference call with Taylor, Hastings and Weiss. Jack does not believe Bazhaev will give up the information without such a deal. Taylor agrees to immunity because of the importance of the peace talks.Arlo tells Cole about Dana. He shows him video images of Dana meeting with Wade and Cole has him run a trace on her cell phone. Cole calls Dana, who doesn't answer her phone. We see that she is hiding in the strip club, watching Wade and Nick.Nabeel (Faroush's former assistant) initially won't allow Kayla to see Faroush. She end up convincing him to help her when later when Faroush is to be moved.Cole lead a team to the location of the rods. When they arrive, however, they find both of Bazhaev's guards are dead and the rods missing. Hanging from the truck door is Oleg's necklace.When Jack confronts Bazhaev with this news, Bazhaev knows immediately his son is responsible.Cut to Josef speaking with Farhad. He has replaced his father as Farhad's partner and wants Bazhaev to know what he's done. Josef, who has the rods in his vehicle, is less than five minutes away.

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anil Kapoor, Annie Wersching, Mykelti Williamson, more...

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