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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Open with President Taylor having bought some time for the treaty. She confides in a U.K. rep that nuclear materials are in play.On his way to Vladimir's office, Jack tells Cole to hang back because Walker is in their custody.Dana gets a call from Wade. She tells him she can't help him at that time. Arlo tells Chloe he thinks Dana is cheating on Cole.Jack shows up at Vladimir's place. Vladimir tells him it was a "misunderstanding" and says he has already made a few phone calls about nukes. Jack demands to speak with his "partner" alone.Jacks tells Walker he has authorization to pull her out, but she convinces him that she is the only reason the mission is still progressing.Dana talks Wade and his partner through the process of breaking into the warehouse. They grab the cash with 15 minutes left before the next patrol is to come through. Wade starts to leave but his partner wants to look around a little longer.Vladimir is not getting anywhere making calls. He makes it obvious to Jack that there is something going on between them. Jack waits in another room while Vladimir goes back to calling.Bazhaev tells a priest he wants Oleg buried immediately in the back. Bazhaev tells Josef that his goal with the nuclear deal is to leave him (Josef) and his family with a wealthy inheritance and respect.Bazhaev's phone rings with Vladimir asking about nuclear rods. Bazhaev says he has no idea what Vladimir is talking about and tells him nobody deals in such items. Vladimir seems to believe him and tells Walker he doesn't think the nukes are even available.A nervous Bazhaev calls the truck carrying the rods and tells them to stop and wait.Taylor calls Hassan looking for information about his recent activities, particularly the arrest of Jamot. He promises that in the next few hours the arrests will stop and that Jamot will be released or charged. Weiss tells Taylor he thought Hassan sounded "not like himself."Faroush tells Hassan that despite a "forceful" interrogation of Jamot, he still denies any involvement in the plot. Faroush does not believe Jamot worked with Hassan's brother, but Hassan still suggests they arrest Jamot's family in order to add pressure. Faroush protests and Hassan appears to be agree that it was an unnecessary idea. Once Faroush leaves, however, Hassan tells another staff member, Nabeel, to go ahead and have Jamot's family detained.Wade and his partner Nick linger in the warehouse long enough that an alarm goes off. Chloe tells everybody the uranium is definitely of Soviet origin. Wade calls Dana to tell her they are in trouble and she jumps on a computer. A cop is walking through on patrol and she tells them they must slip past him out the door through which they entered. The cop sees the mess and starts to call in the incident. Nick starts clubbing the cop with a baseball bat and the two of them take off.Faroush is clearly involved with Kayla. He tells her Hassan has grabbed Jamot in order to make him talk. He says her father has changed. There is a knock on the door. Hassan's security take Faroush into custody under suspicion he was working with Farhad.Vladimir has finished calling his contacts in the crime world as in convinced no nuclear material is on the market. She tries to convince him to keep trying, but he seems content with the $5 million they have. She is adamant he keep trying and he asks why she cares so much. She says the reason she is there is the deal, and not Vladimir. This hurts his feelings and he punches her several times in the face. The second time knocks her to the ground near a knife. She picks it up and stabs Vladimir in the eye. Jack rushes into the room and finds Walker stabbing Vladimir over and over again in the chest. He pulls her off of Vladamir and Walker, still in a violent trance, turns and stabs Jack in the stomach. One of Vladimir's guards comes into the room and sees Vladimir's body on the ground. When the guard goes for his gun, Jack pulls the knife out of his stomach and throws it into the man's neck. Jack pulls out his gun and shoots the second guard though the wall as Walker falls to her knees in shock. Jack holds her and she begins to cry.Jack (while bandaging himself) tells Hastings that Walker killed Vladimir while defending herself. With their only lead dead, Jack says he will work the calls Vladimir made and investigate his files.Walker tells Jack that he was right, that she couldn't handle it. She cries, telling Jack she though this mission would help get her life back. She doesn't have anyone. "You have me," Jack says. Jack emphasizes what she needs to tell CTU: Vladimir attacked her and she defending herself. Jack thinks he hears CTU at the door, but it is actually a group of Russians. Jack thinks these must be the people who have the rods and they came looking for Vladimir after he called them. Jack's plan is to let himself be taken into custody and have CTU track him. It is Bazhaev's men and Jack gives himself up, telling them he wants to do business.CTU shows up a minute later. When Walker tells them Jack has been taken, Cole says they haven't seen any vehicles leave the area. CTU drones have been monitoring Vladimir's office but nobody has any idea where Jack might be.Cut to Jack being walked out of a sewer of some kind. The men put him in a van and they drive off.

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anil Kapoor, Annie Wersching, Mykelti Williamson, more...

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