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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with Jack stealing a car in an underground parking lot.Morris O'Brien learns from Janis that Chloe has been arrested and is being detained by the FBI. We see Walker filling out paper work for her suspension. Moss calls and tells Janis that Burnett is dead and that Jack got away, and that he told Moss he was being set up. Janis relays this info to Walker.Using a laptop in the stolen car Jack pulls up a surveillance picture of Quinn. He emails the picture to Walker and calls her with the information that powerful people are still involved in the conspiracy.Hearing the APB on his scanner, Quinn calls Hodges to tell him Jack got away. Hodges has Quinn monitor the situation but doesn't seem concerned that Jack could influence his plan once the weapons shipment arrives. Hodges asks for his "colleagues" to be assembled.Walker calls Jack with Quinn's ID: He's a Black ops veteran now employed by Starkwood, a defense contractor outsourced by the military. Starkwood has been under investigation by Senator Mayer. Walker gives Jack Mayer's address and sends Quinn's info to Mayer just as Moss comes into the room.Moss leaves the room without incident but immediately tells Janis he thinks Walker has spoken with Jack and has her access Walker's phone log and work station. Moss thinks Walker is the best way to catch Jack.As President Taylor prepares to address the nation, Olivia offers that she claim a sort of victory in her speech. Kanin comes in and tells them of Burnett's death and his decision to green light the interrogation. The word is that Jack's version of events is a fabrication and Kanin takes full responsibility for what happened.On her way out of the building Walker is stopped by Moss who now knows about her contact with Jack. She refuses to tell him anything and Moss has Walker arrested.Mayer arrives home to find Jack waiting for him in his office. Jack shows Mayer a picture of Quinn and tells him he believes there is a connection between Starkwood and Juma. Mayer has wanted to shut down Starkwood, but doesn't believe there is any connection to Sangala. Jack has Mayer give him access to his Starkwood files.Taylor gets a standing ovation from the press corps and begins her address. During the speech a TV reporter tells Kanin he plans to report that Jack is the primary suspect in the death of Burnett and that Kanin authorized the interrogation. Kanin goes to Olivia and suggests she leaked the story. Olivia denies it, but Kanin seems sure that she was responsible and tells her the story will hurt the president more than it will him.Janis tells Moss that she cannot decrypt the message Walker sent from her computer. Moss and Janis ask Morris to help them with the promise they will give Chloe full immunity. He agrees and quickly discovers that Walker provided Jack with Mayer's address. Moss assembles a team, telling them local police will be moving in first. Chloe is furious at Morris for helping the FBI find Jack.As Jack looks through the files he and Mayer go back and forth about the necessity of torture. Jack discovers that the death of a Starkwood whistle-blower was made to look like a simple DWI by Quinn. The whistle-blower believed Starkwood was blackmailing Pentagon officials and was involved in assassination attempts and the acquisition of WMDs. In an interview, the whistle-blower said Starkwood was attempting to acquire a bio-weapon from Juma. Jack tells Mayer he'd heard Juma tested such a weapon a pathogen that causes dementia, paralysis and then death on some of his own people.With police pounding on the door Mayer tells Jack he will protect him and help him bring down Starkwood. Jack agrees, but Mayer opens the door to find Quinn who quickly shoots him several times in the chest. Jack manages to escape out the back with Quinn on his heels as the patrol cars arrive.Kanin and Taylor confront Olivia with the charge that she was the source of the leak. Olvivia says it wasn't her and offers up the name of a producer who told her the leak came from the Federal Marshal's office. Olivia said she offered the producer exclusive time with the president if he killed the story and that the issue is taken care of. A happy Taylor says she is happy with Olivia's side of the story and Kanin apologizes.With the help of a bulldozer and a knife, Jack kills Quinn. Before taking his last breath Quinn tells Jack that the weapons "are already here."Moss calls Janis to tell her Jack has killed Mayer. He wants all branches of law enforcement involved in the manhunt and that Jack should be shot on sight.Jack calls Tony and tells him to meet him with weapons and surveillance equipment.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cherry Jones, Annie Wersching, Bob Gunton, more...

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