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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 43 min.

Synopsis We open with Juma's men having cut their way from the river into what looks like a sewer system.Olivia Taylor is still sequestered in a White House room with Agent Pierce. Kanin, who is on his way to the Pentagon (interesting), stops by to assure Olivia she cannot leave the White House to visit her father in the hospital.Moss calls President Taylor to tell her they are certain Juma is in Washington with a dozen men but still don't have a location for the assault.Cut to the fleeing Walker running into a park ranger. Just as the ranger begins to radio in that the White House is the target Dubaku's son (lets call him D.J.) shoots him in the chest. Walker takes off again with D.J. in hot pursuit.Bill comes to visit Jack in custody, telling him he will be facing charges from the Attorney General. After Bill explains that Burnett did not take the deal, Jack tries to convince him to find Burnett and get the information out of him. Despite Jack's pleading Bill says he is simply incapable of such tactics.With help from a soldier who has been posing as a maintenance worker, Juma's unit is able to shut down a security system and make their way into the White House. They make their way down the hall, killing several secret service agents along the way. One of Juma's men has access to the device which monitors the location of the president.Moss and his men arrive at the dead ranger.D.J. finally catches up to Walker. Walker tries to tell him that Juma murdered his father and has been lying to him. This leads to a brief fight. D.J. eventually gets the better of Walker but is killed by Moss just before choking Weaver to death.Moments after handing Jack over to be processed Bill gets a call from Moss telling him the White House is the target. Bill initiates a lockdown and asks Jack if he will help him secure the president.Secret Service agents grab President Taylor but Bill realizes there is no safe path to the primary lockdown. The only option is to take her to the first floor lockdown. With Juma's men heading towards them, Bill puts on Taylor's locator bracelet and heads in the opposite direction. Juma eventually finds Bill and decides to keep him as a prisoner. Juma realizes the president must be on her way to a lockdown. With Juma firing on their location Jack is forced to take Taylor into the safe room alone. Pierce and Olivia are in a remote part of the White House and Juma's men have begun rounding up additional hostages. Jack is able to tell Pierce that Taylor is safe just before losing outside communication.The Secret Service are slowly getting the upper hand on Juma's forces. Juma decides to bluff, telling the agent in charge that they have captured Taylor and if he does not stand down they will kill her. The gamble works and the agents leave the White House.Pierce and Olivia have managed to hide from Juma's men. Realizing the situation, Pierce tells Olivia they must somehow find a way to tell the outside agents that Taylor is safe so they will return and take care of Juma's forces.A Juma henchman begins working on opening the lockdown room. "Assuming the specifications Hodges gave us are correct," they should be able to get into the room in 15 minutes.Moss and Walker arrive at the White House and are told there are more than 50 hostages left in the building. Moss asks for an infrared scan of the building. Walker sees a manifest of those inside the White House and spots Jack's name. Moss tells her of Burnett's interrogation and Jack's subsequent arrest.Jack tells Taylor that Juma must have had inside help to get this far. They see on a monitor that the system is being accessed. Jack quickly jury-rigs a device and shorts out the lock. Juma's man tells him they have no realistic way to get into the room. Juma tells his men "we will find another way" then picks up the phone and calls . . . Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight), the super-shady businessman who helped finance Jumas coup and ordered the killing of Roger Taylor's friend. Hodges tells Juma he's already provided all the help they agreed on (locking mechanism, etc.) but changes his tune when Juma threatens to destroy a shipment on its way to Hodges. Hodges tells Juma that Olivia should still be in the building somewhere.Pierce decides they need to go to other side of the residence with windows and attempt to signal word of the president's safety.Moss and Walker tell the vice president (via satellite) that based on infrared images they know Juma and the hostages are in a particularly vulnerable part of the White House. The location is near the first floor lockdown and the only reason he would be there is if he were trying to access a currently secure president. They ask for his go-ahead to start the rescue operation but the vice president declines because they aren't 100 percent sure of her location.Pierce and Olivia run into one of Juma's men in the hallway. Pierce takes a bullet in the shoulder but manages to kill the soldier. Sure that more soldiers will now be on their way Pierce has Olivia get a flashlight out of a nearby room and use Morse code to tell the secret service to begin a rescue. After no more than two flicks of the flashlight Oliva is grabbed from behind by Juma's soldiers. Both are dragged away.Having spotted a hallway camera visible from the lockdown, Juma places Olivia on a chair in full view of Taylor and Jack. He tells her that if she doesn't come out of the room he will cut out both of Olivia's eyes, followed by cutting out her tongue and cutting off her head. Jack tries to talk Taylor out of opening the door but gives in after she brings up his daughter and gives him a direct order.Jack and Taylor leave the room. Juma tells Taylor she needs to get ready to make a statement. "What statement?" Taylor asks. "The last one you'll ever give," Juma responds.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones, James Morrison, Annie Wersching, Bob Gunton, more...

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