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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with Dubaku in the hospital. While the nurses are distracted by a fake phone calls a scrub-wearing man injects something into Dubaku which causes him to begin seizing.President Taylor hears that General Juma (who is incorrectly telling citizens of Sangala the U.S. invasion is going well for them) might have left his country. Taylor believes capturing Juma and putting him on trial is a top priority.Cut to Juma who is in D.C. preparing for some kind of battle with some of his men. One of them is Dubaku's son, (D.J. from here on out). D.J. asks about his father's location just prior to Juma getting a call from the Dubaku-injector who tells Juma that Dubaku is dead. Juma tells the man D.J. can never know the truth about his father.We see that Dubaku has been pronounced dead. One of the doctors tells Walker he won't know what happened without an autopsy.Moss is preparing his staff for the arrests they will soon be carrying out on those involved in the conspiracy.Jack calls Chloe and tells her about Juma's impending attack. Jack knows only that the attack is "high value, high casualty" and wants Chloe to erase Senator Mayer's chief of staff (Burnett) from the list of conspirators so he can extract more specifics before the FBI gets involved. Jack and Tony are heading to the White House to meet with Bill and find Burnett.Chloe erases Burnett from the file as Janis shows up asking how he she can assist the process of organizing the names of those involved in the conspiracy.Before entering the White House Jack tells Tony he doesn't want Bill involved in whatever it might take to get Burnett to talk. Tony will hang back.Kanin sits down with Mayer, who has just been briefed on the events of the past few hours. Kanin tells Mayer about Jack's involvement and that the president believes Jack is responsible for saving lives. Regardless, Mayer calls Jack "a thug." Kanin tells Mayer the president is prepared to support the senator's war crimes legislation if he lets Jack's subpoena expire and even hints at a possible presidential pardon. Mayer is ready to fight the president to keep Jack on trial.Jack walks into Bill's office, quickly knocking out the guard and pulling a gun on Bill. When Bill is unwilling to help Jack find Burnett, he ties Bill up and finds Burnett exactly location on Bill's laptop. Jack apologizes before choking Bill into unconsciousness and grabbing the guard's taser.Walker calls Moss from the hospital with the information that Dubaku has died and that an unknown man was spotted on hospital surveillance. An officer shows up with the man's license plate number from a parking lot camera. Weaver gets on the phone to the DMV.Janis tells Chloe she has discovered a deletion from the file. Chloe balks when Janis offers to help and this seems to raise Janis' suspicion. Chloe calls Jack to tell him that she will soon get busted for helping him.Just after Burnett tells Juma over the phone that he is on his way out of the White House Jack busts in the room and shoots him with the taser.It turns out Janis recorded Chloe's last phone conversation with Jack. When she plays it for Moss he immediately has Chloe detained.Mayer and President Taylor argue over Jack and torture in the Oval Office. This conversation is interrupted by Moss calling to tell them he belives Jack is interrogating Burnett at that very moment.Cut to Burnett insisting during several taser hits that he knows nothing about an attack. Jack eventually takes off the cover of the taser which will increase its intensity 40 times. Jack tazes Burnett in the groin, but only gets him to start talking by threatening a potentially paralyzing throat-taze. Burnett tells Jack that Juma and a unit of his personal guard are in D.C. Before Burnett can give up the target, President Taylor has guards blow open the door and put Jack in handcuffs. Following counsel with Kanin, Taylor reluctantly decides not to let Jack continue his interrogation and instead has him arrested.Still without a location for Juma's attack, Taylor offers Burnett immunity for information. Burnett says only that he wants his lawyer.Walker follows the Dubaku-killer-guy to a compound near the Potomac River. She calls Moss who gets together a chopper to meet her at the location.Juma lies to D.J. again, telling him his father has been delayed. It appears D.J. will be doing recon for the assault.Walker tells Moss she thinks she has seen Juma himself. She then follows the men as they head down a dock towards a boat. The boat pulls away and Walker decides to try and jump on the back. She makes it (barely), but in the process loses her gun and destroys her cell phone.Bill calls Tony who is still waiting outside the White House. Tony tells Bill the source of his intel is dead and that Jack was trying to protect him.Janis tells Moss she cannot locate a signal for Walker's cell.When Juma's men jump off the boat in scuba gear Walker goes into the cabin. She riflies through their plans and sees the target is (aaak!) the White House. D.J. spots her on the boat and Walker leaps off the side and begins swimming away.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cherry Jones, James Morrison, Annie Wersching, more...

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