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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with Sean telling Erika his reasons for issuing the warrant for Jack and Walker. It appears she's on Dubaku's payroll as well.After being placed in a cop car Walker tells Jack that Dubaku will probably kill Marika and complains that they should never have used her the way they did.Marika arrives at Dubaku's location. He yanks her out of the car and confronts her about her involvement with the FBI. She admits to being told of his real identity. Dubaku claims the evidence she was shown was "lies" and is able to talk her into going with him to Sangala. They jump in an SUV together.Jack and Walker are released by the cops and Chloe is able get a location on the car despite Dubaku having destroyed Markia's traceable cell phone.Ten minutes from the airfield Dubaku calls Burnett to tell him he's decided to take Marika with him. Burnett is not pleased.Jack and Walker finally catch up to Dubaku's car and a pursuit begins. Jack crashes and Dubaku looks as if he will get away. At that moment Marika covers the face of their driver, causing the Jeep to hit another car and flip over several times. Jack and Walker run the wreckage. Jack shoots the driver when he tries to go for his gun. Both Dubaku and Marika are unconscious in the vehicle, which has now caught fire. Jack pulls Dubaku to the sidewalk but Walker has trouble removing Marika, whose leg is pinned. Walker demands (at gunpoint) that Jack help her and he leaves Dubaku to pull Marika clear just as the SUV explodes. Jack returns to the badly injured Dubaku and demands an ambulance. Walker stops performing CPR on the apparently dead Marika.In the hospital waiting room Kanin tells President Taylor that military action in Sangala is progressing smoothly. She tells Kanin she believes Henry's shooting was her fault because she didn't believe his theory about Roger. Bill arrives and informs them of Dubaku's tenuous health, adding that Dubaku's death might make it impossible to uncover the full depth of the conspiracy. Bill convinces Taylor it is not safe for her there. With Henry still needing several more hours of surgery the men talk her into returning to the White House.On the street Jack demands the paramedics revive Dubaku. Jack threatens torture of his son and Dubaku begins to tell him he has a list before going into cardiac arrest. The paramedics have difficulty shocking Dubaku because of something metal under his ribcage. At gunpoint Jack demands they cut into Dubaku's body and is able to pull out what looks like a chip. Not familiar with the technology, Jack tells Moss he will hand it to a police helicopter to bring it to the field office.Sean, who has been tapping Moss' phone, hears the conversation and gives Erika the news. He tells Erika that when Chloe downloads the drive she has to crash the floor's computer system to get rid of the information.Waiting with Jack in the ER, Walker is upset with their hand in Marika's death.Chloe looks at the drive and tells Moss it has an auto-erase function so they (of course) will have only one opportunity at a download. Chloe begins to open the file and we see Sean and Erika in another room preparing their IT shenanigans. Burnett calls Sean who fills him in on Dubaku and the database. Erika shuts down the system, erasing the drive. With Moss and Chloe on their way to find the culprits Sean shoots Erika in the stomach and then shoots himself in the arm. When Moss and Chloe arrive Sean tells them he caught Erika in the act. She shot him, he says, and then he accidentally killed her trying to get her weapon. Chloe tells Moss the server has been wiped clean and Dubku's files are gone.After giving Moss Erika's files for the last few days, Sean gets Moss to fill him in about Dubaku infiltrating the government. Chloe then calls Moss to tell him she (duh) had been running a back-up system and now has total access to Dubaku's extremely detailed files. Moss reveals Chloe's progress to Sean, who leaves the room.Sean attempts to flee but is grabbed by agents in the hall. When Moss demands an explanation Sean asks for his lawyer. Moss calls Bill.Rosa arrives at the hospital and Walker tells her Marika is dead. A distraught Rosa yells at Walker that "you killed my sister." Jack calls Walker over to tell her they found the drive and "it's over." The two argue over Marika's death with Jack explaining that it was a necessary to save hundreds of thousands of other lives. Walker brings up the death of Jack's wife and asks whether he ever feels anything. She begins slapping Jack in the face, eventually collapsing in his arms. He comforts her and tells her she will eventually learn to deal with the pain. Walker asks "What if I don't want to live with it?" Jack responds: "Then quit." A now-pissed Jack tells Walker the next time she pulls a gun on him she better intend to use it. "I did," Walker says.Back at the White House, President Taylor tells Olivia the status of her father. Olivia demands to go to the hospital but Taylor refuses.Bill arrives and tells Taylor they have recovered Dubaku's files and that over 100 people from various agencies and levels of government were involved. Bill tells her Moss believes the FBI is now secure. When Taylor thanks Bill he mentions Jack's hearing the following morning and asks her to speak with Senator Mayer, who is in charge of the proceedings. Taylor promises only that "I'm going to have to think about this."Cut to Jack sitting on the steps of the Capitol building and staring at the sunset behind the Washington monument. Tony shows up on the steps and tells Jack he has information that another attack is imminent, this time directly from Juma himself. He tells Jack that Burnett (Senator Mayer's chief of staff) has been involved in the planning from the beginning but Mayer is unaware. Given that Burnett should soon be on the run, Tony is tailing Burnett. Tony tells Jack to meet him downtown if he's interested in helping stop the next attack.We cut to Mayer's office. The senator tells Burnett he is heading to the White House to speak with the president about Jack. Mayer tells Burnett he wants him to sit in on the meeting. Burnett walks into his office, getting the following text as the episode ends: "Units in place. Operation on schedule."

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cherry Jones, James Morrison, Annie Wersching, more...

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