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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with Vossler dropping off Henry at the grocery store. On his way there Dubaku stops to watch a televised presidential address where Taylor states that not only is she adamant the country won't deal with terrorists, but that she has just ordered Americans troops to begin operations in Sangala. Dubaku arrives at the store. He admits to being behind Roger Taylor's death and tells Henry he hopes the president loves him enough to call off the invasion.After her address Kanin tells President Taylor that Matobo have arrived, adding that Jack was one of those who brought him to the White House.Matobo thanks the president and tells her of the quality work done by Jack & Co. before leaving to work on the post-invasion of Sangala. As Jack and Bill attempt to fill-in a skeptical president, Dubaku calls to tell her he will kill Henry unless U.S. forces are removed from Sangala and Matobo is delivered to him by the end of the hour. The conversation ends with Henry losing one of his fingers. Kanin arrives to explain what was found at Sam's apartment. After Kanin suggests for the umpteenth time that she consider pulling back, President Taylor says she will not give in. Jack's plan is for her to go along with Dubuaku's demands initially to buy them time to find Henry.Jack and Walker agree they must start with Agent Gedge. Needing extra help, Walker calls Moss and asks him to help them without including anyone else at the FBI. Moss agrees as long as he can meet with them in person.At the field office Janis calls Sean out for his affair with Erika, warning that it could mean a transfer if Moss finds out.Moss connects Jack and Walker to Vossler. Since Vossler was in the Special Forces Jack thinks the only way they will be able to break him is via his wife and 11-month-old son. Walker reluctantly agrees to go to Vossler's home over Moss' objections. As Jack runs to a car Moss yells that the "rules are what make us better." "Not today," is Jack's response.After Dubaku tells a henchman to cauterize Henry's wound with a blowtorch, he gets a call from his girlfriend Marika. Dubaku tells Markia (who is clearly unaware of his true identity) that he will not be able to make it to dinner that night. After hanging up the phone we see Marika speak with her wheelchair-bound sister Rosa. Rosa doesn't trust this new boyfriend 'Samuel' and after Marika leaves for work we see Rosa glance at an envelope in her lap.Kanin suggests to President Taylor that they pull the fleet back with the plan being to re-launch from further out at sea. Bill's contribution is to put a Matobo lookalike in a car bound for Dubaku's meeting place.Walker arrives at Vossler's house and holds his wife and son at gunpoint.Working from the field office, Moss helps guide Moss towards Vossler. Jack rams Vossler at an intersection, then rips him out of the car and takes him into a nearby apartment building lobby. When Vossler plays dumb about Henry's location, Jack calls Walker. While Vossler speaks with his wife, Walker turns around and knees in front of the baby. The panic in his wife's voice is enough that Vossler agrees to give Jack the location. After Walker hangs up we see that the child is fine, though Walker looks shaken.As Vossler tells Jack about Dubaku's grocery store, a man walks into the lobby. This distracts Jack enough for Vossler to kick the gun out of Jack's hand and pull out a knife. A fight ensues, the result of which is the knife ending up in Vossler's chest. Jack commandeers a passing car and takes off.Bill's instructions for the agents bringing the faux Matobo to Dubaku are that they delay the ruse and stay inside the car as long as possible.Jack calls Walker with Henry's location. The news that Vossler was killed seems to bother Walker as she stares at the new widow and small child. Though Walker seems to consider bailing on the mission, she tells Jack that she will get out "tomorrow."The agents with fake Matobo depart and Bill fills-in President Walker as to Jack's progress acquiring a location for Henry.When word that the president is ordering the threat level lowered reached the field office, Sean tells Moss he is suspicious they are being kept out of the loop. Walker calls Moss to tell him she is on her way to Henry's location and reveals that Vossler has been killed. Moss continues to be suspicious of Jack but agrees to have the D.C. police take care of the body quietly.After hearing word that the American troops are retreating and a vehicle containing Matobo just left the White House, Dubaku gets a call from Rosa. Rosa has discovered that no one under Dubaku's alias has immigrated from Sangala in the past 15 years. Rosa says all she wants is him out of her sister's life. Rosa won't report Dubaku or tell Marika as long as he breaks up with her that night. Dubaku leaves the building, telling a henchman he has to "take care of a little problem."After the agents and fake Matobo won't get out of the care at the meeting point, one of the men calls Dubaku. Dubaku immediately realizes the trick. On his order they destroy the vehicle with an RPG.Jack and Walker arrive at the store. As the two are preparing their assault, Dubaku calls one of the guards and tells him to kill Henry. A guard turns and spots Walker which leads to huge gunfight. After three henchmen are taken out by Jack and Walker, the fourth manages to limp over and shoot Henry in the right side of his chest just as Jack fills the guard full of lead. Jack loosens Henry's shirt and screams for Walker to get an ambulance as the clock strikes 4:00.

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones, James Morrison, Annie Wersching, Colm Feore, more...

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