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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with the FBI processing Mayer's house. After hearing there is no sign of Jack, Moss calls Kanin with the news of Mayer's death. Kanin tells him they are working under the assumption that Jack killed the senator and the two bicker over who is to blame. Kanin looks in a daze after hanging up.Jack tells Tony on the phone that Starkwood has been involved in every step of the conspiracy and that he belives their WMDish bio-weapon is already in the country. Jack thinks the weapon is at the Port of Alexandria and the two agree to meet there.President Taylor speaks on the phone with a groggy Henry and fills him on Juma, Dubaku and her new relationship with Olivia. Taylor tells Henry she'll be at the hospital as soon as she can. After hanging up Taylor tells Kanin the doctors expect Henry to make a full recovery. Just after saying aloud that "maybe this day will end on a positive note," Kanin tells Taylor about Mayer. Kanin tells her he must resign because he sanctioned Jack's release from custody. He tells Taylor he will have his resignation letter on her desk in the morning.To try and access the port's manifest Jack grabs a security guard at gunpoint.Hodges speaks over the phone with a man (Stokes) who is waiting at the port. Since they still haven't heard from Quinn, Hodges tells Stokes to wait a few minutes before going for the container. Hodges addresses Starkwood's board. Given the events of the day, Hodges thinks the company should no longer cooperate with the administration.A particularly vocal opponent of Hodges' strategy (Doug) tells Hodges outside the room that the company cannot afford a war against the senate and Mayer. When told that Mayer is dead, Doug asks for a personal assurance that Hodges had nothing to do with the death. Hodges responds: "Starkwood is not in the business of political assassination, Doug. But may we should look into it. I hear it's a growth market."Port security guard Carl tells Jack that he agreed to help Hodges' men remove a canister, believing it to be stolen electronics. Carl believes the men should already be on-site. Jack attempts to call the FBI but finds phone lines blocked. Stokes contacts Carl on a walkie-talkie and tell him they are at the front gate. Tony looks out the window, seeing three vehicles and at least eight heavily-armed men. Carl says he agreed to the deal because of the cost of three years of fertility treatment for his now-pregnant wife. Jack tells Carl to play along with Stokes and that he and Tony will grab the weapon after it leaves the port.Carl opens the gate. After confirmation that Carl has turned off the security cameras, Stokes demands he ride in one of their SUVs on the way to the container. Still watching from the security trailer, Tony tells Jack that Carl "was dead the minute he stepped out that door."While Kanin packs up his desk, Olivia shows up and apologizes for what he has to go through. Kanin apologizes to her for having suggested she leaked the story about Jack.Kanin leaves the room and Olivia immediately gets on the phone and tells the TV reporter (who clearly knows her well) Kanin has resigned and that Jack killed Mayer. The reporter promises to make Kanin the fall-guy and she assures him the president has no idea she was the leak.Moss is confused by the multiple bullet holes in Mayer's home. Moss calls Walker, who is still in custody. He asks how Jack could have gotten his hands on the kind of weapon that killed Mayer and that he believes a third party was at the scene. Moss asks her about the Starkwood files found on Mayer's computer. Walker reluctantly tells Moss about Quinn and that Jack believed Starkwood was behind everything.Stokes and his men begin doing diagnostics on the canister in preparation for the arrival of a flatbed. Jack watches as one of Stokes' henchmen leads Carl from the scene. The henchman pulls out a gun as Jack points his weapon. Despite Tonys protestations that saving Carl jeopardizes the mission, Jack and his silenced assault rifle take down the henchman just before he can kill Carl.The 18-wheeler arrives to pick up the canister. Once Stokes realizes his man is down Tony and Jack engage them in a firefight. During the shootout the canister is placed on the flatbed after being knocked around quite a bit. Jack goes after the truck and manages to leap on top of it as it drives by. He takes out the diver and jumps behind the wheel just as Tony is captured. Stokes demands Tony give up Jack's location at the same time Jack barrels through the gate and out of the port.Jack calls Moss and tells him to meet him with a team and a CDC recovery unit. A red light begins flashing on the canister and Jack pulls over. He notices that the side of the canister has been perforated and hears a loud hissing coming from inside. Holding his breath, Jack climbs into the canister and closes a valve connected to a broken tank on the weapon. This delay allows Stokes and his men to arrive and Jack is chased to the side of the road by gunfire. They attach the weapon to the bottom of a helicopter and leave the scene. We see Stokes has Tony in the SUV. Stokes calls Hodges to tell him they will arrive in ten minutes. Given Jack's involvement, Hodges tell Stokes they will have to step-up their timetable.Jack tells Moss the weapon was re-acquired by Stokes. Based on location, Moss thinks it is being taken to a private military facility nearby. Moss cannot send agents in pursuit without proof of the weapon. Jack tells Moss the CDC will be able to find proof in the canister and reveals that he has been exposed. Jack begins blinking his eyes as the episode ends.

Directed by Jon Cassar  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones, Annie Wersching, Colm Feore, Bob Gunton, more...

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