Day 7: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

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Action/Drama/Crime/Thriller, USA, 2009, 44 min.

Synopsis Open with a recorded message from Dubaku played for President Taylor in the oval office. Dubaku wants the U.S. to pull back its forces or he will use the module to kill thousands of Americans. Taylor is told there are 2,500 planes still in air and it would take six days to re-work the CIP firewall.Jack, Walker and Moss arrive at the FBI office with Tony in custody. Jack and Walker tell Moss about the department's breach. He orders heightened security measures.Janis preps Tony for questioning and is ordered by Walker to investigate the leak.Over Emerson's objections, the decision at Dubaku's HQ is not to try and get Tony out using their people on the inside. Dubaku is getting antsy that he U.S. has not yet pulled back.After Moss tells Walker and Jack about Tony's link to Juma, Jack is allowed to question Tony alone. Tony doesn't seem to budge, telling Jack that he did what he did because he believes the government killed his wife. Jack loses it when Tony makes a few remarks about Jack's wife, choking Tony up against one of the walls. When their faces are close together, Tony whispers "deep sky" into Jack's ear.Put in a room alone, Jack dials a number while muttering the words "deep sky." The phone is answered by none other than Bill Buchanan (double gasp!), who tells Jack he will call him back on a secure line. When Bill hangs up we see he is with Chloe. Bill tells her Jack is their "only hope" to get Tony back undercover.Kanin tells Henry Taylor that Roger was about to be investigated by the SEC for insider trading and that his suicide came just before the inquiry was to begin.President Taylor tells Kanin they will begin withdrawing forces near Sangala by 1pm if they chose to comply with Dubaku. As the president weighs her two terrible options, Kanin points out that only one would help save American lives.Bill tells Jack that Tony is working deep undercover and that there is a conspiracy all the way up to the president's inner circle. A number of key government employees are on the payroll of Juma and Dubaku. Because of how deep the corruption runs, the operation Bill and Tony are involved with is not part of any agency. Getting Tony out of FBI building and back undercover is of the utmost importance. Chloe, having already hacked the system, will be able to help. Bill tells Jack that even if he trusts Walker, involving her in the plan would make her a target.Sean, who seems distracted, continues to complain about the increased security measures. As Janis leaves his desk we see he is attempting to access a restricted part of the system.Sam calls Henry Taylor and tells him that Roger was murdered and that she needs to meet with him alone.Moss attempts to question Tony. (Shockingly, it does nothing.) Walker calls Moss out of the room and suggests more aggressive, Jack-like (my words) techniques. An indignant Moss refuses, going the extra step to order Jack out of the building.Janis alerts Walker that a few minutes ago someone in building hacked the FAA's database. She goes downstairs to get the name off the individual terminal, seeing that it was Sean. Sean comes into the room, telling her he was monitoring his wife's plane. After finding her name on a manifest, Janis agrees to cover-up his break-in.Walker comes into Jack's room to help process him for release. As she begins to compliment him on his work Jack puts her in a sleeper hold. With Chloe guiding him, Jack is able to break Tony out of his interrogation room, knocking out Moss in the process.When it looks as if Jack and Tony are home free, Sean and Janis discover Chloe's intrusion and lock her out of the system. With sirens blaring and Chloe slow to re-hack, Jack and Tony duck into the stairwell. Moss and Walker come back in the room as Janis locates Jack and Tony on security cameras. Chloe gets back in to the FBI's system, alerting the guys they have no choice but to bust through a window onto the parking lot roof.Jack provides covering fire for Tony who jumps off the second floor of the lot and onto a parked car just as Bill pulls up in a van. With agents surrounding him, Jack hotwires a car and drives (while lying on the floor) through a concrete barrier, crashing down on top of a car where Tony is waiting. Jack and Tony jump in Bill's van and peel away. Chloe cycles the frequencies (whatever that means) of nearby traffic cameras to help aid the escape.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones, Annie Wersching, Colm Feore, Bob Gunton, more...

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