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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with Moss organizing search grids to search for Jack and Tony's group which is in the process of bringing the Matobos to Dubaku. He adds that Walker is in their possession and they may be her only chance at survival. Sean is having no luck getting info the phone message between Nichols and Emerson which described their plan to kill Walker.Bill and Chloe arrive at the abandoned construction site moments after Jack & Co. have left. They dig up Walker and bring her back to life via an adrenaline shot to the chest.Back in the van Emerson tells Jack how he got Tony out of CTU. The attempt on Tony's life had been staged. Emerson's plan was to swoop in and bring Tony back to life and use him against Jack. Since Jack killed Christopher Henderson, Emerson aborted the plan. Tony sounds disturbingly emotional as he relieves his initial decision to work with Emerson. As they pull into a giant hangar with Emerson out of earshot, Tony assures Jack he is ready to go.When they get out of the van in the hangar Emerson grabs Jack and puts a gun to his hand. Tony quickly shoots the other henchman and points his gun at Emerson. Emerson thinks Tony is after the diamonds Nichols is bringing for payment, but Tony tells him his issue is with killing innocent people. With Jack imploring him to "take the shot," Tony hits Emerson in his right arm, allowing Jack to wrestle free. When Emerson lifts his gun Tony shoots him in the neck.Bill explains to Walker what they have been doing, and tells her that because of the government corruption she cannot tell Moss she's alive. Jack calls Bill and tells him Emerson has been wounded. Bill tells him they need cooperation from the Matobos.Cut to Jack telling Matobo that they have a plan to get Dubaku.As Nichols prepares to get the Matobos, Dubaku tells him that he should kill Emerson's gang. Nichols tells him President Taylor still hasn't pulled back American forces. Dubaku believes only dead Americans will force her hand. He tells a CIP device operator to target Washington, DC.The NSA informs President Taylor they believe the CIP device is about to be used. Despite more pleas from Kanin to consider pulling back, Taylor remains firm that she will not give in to Dubaku.Tony apologizes to Emerson as he tries to stop the bleeding. "Go to hell," is the response as Emerson pulls Tony's hand off his neck. The Matobos agree to assist Jack, due primarily to the urgings of Mrs. Matobo. It appears that Emerson has died.After steering two airplanes towards one another, Dubaku calls President Taylor and has her look out the window. Taylor and Kanin see a giant fireball in the air. Dubaku tells her she has one hour to pull back U.S. forces or 10,000 more Americans will be killed.At a cabinet meeting the Secretary of State informs everyone that more than 270 people were in the two planes, with more deaths expected on the ground. Despite beings told that hundreds of thousands more could die if Dubaku continues his attacks, President Taylor is firm that as long as there is a chance Matobo could be recovered she will not pull back. This prompts one cabinet member to resign on the spot. With music swelling a teary-eyed Taylor gives a big-picture speech explaining her desire that America be a force for good in the world.Bill, Chloe and Walker arrive at the hangar. Chloe attaches a transmitter to one of Matobo's teeth. Bill tells Jack about Dubaku's latest attack and new deadline.Kanin tells the Secretary of State there is one person they can get to help talk some sense into the president.Cut to Henry on a couch at Samatha's apartment as Gedge prepares a long piece of wire. Samatha walks into the apartment and tries to speak with Henry. Still paralyzed by the drug in his coffee, Henry is unable to say anything as Gedge sneaks up behind her with a huge chef's knife. He stabs her in the back, then flips her over and sticks the knife in her chest. At that moment Gedge's phone rings with Kanin looking for Henry. Gedge tells him Henry insisted on meeting with Samatha alone in her apartment and that he is waiting in the car outside. After promising to pull him out, Gedge places the knife handle in Henry's hand to get a print, then walks away. As we go to commercial Henry discovers he has at least some use of his hand.Nichols and three goons arrive at the hangar. Tony is alone, telling Nichols he killed the other three in order not to share the diamonds. Nichols gives Tony the diamonds and the Matobos are brought out of the van. Just as Nichols give the head nod for Tony to be shot, that goon is killed by Jack who is in the rafters with an assault rifle. Tony keeps the diamonds and allows Nichols to leave with the Matobos. We see that Chloe has them on her screen as Jack tells everybody to prepare to leave.Gedge drags Henry to the upper level of Samatha's loft and ties a hangman's noose. As Gedge attempts to slip the cord around his neck Henry grabs Gedge's throat and the two fly over the balcony to the lower level. They crash though the dining room table with Henry landing on top of Gedge. It appears that Gedge is killed in the fall.Cut to Dubaku selecting his next target. It's a processing plant near the center of an Ohio town with a population of 30,000. The operator tells Dubaku casualties will be about 18,000. "Begin," Dubaku says as the episode ends.

Directed by Jon Cassar  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cherry Jones, James Morrison, Annie Wersching, more...

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