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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 42 min.

Synopsis Jack tells Tony over radio that President Taylor called off the air strike because she didn't trust the intel. Tony spots a fuel truck filled with RP-7 (apparently used only in surface-to-surface missiles) pull up the bunker and tells Jack he thinks this is the real reason the strike was cancelled. Jack suggest Tony use his remaining C4 to blow up the weapons bunker.Woods tells Taylor the joint chiefs are getting restless over her decision to cancel the strike. When he asks for the next step she tells him Hodges is coming to the White House for a meeting. Jack and Walker call the Oval Office and Jack reveals he knows the real reason Taylor canceled the air strike. She admits Hodges told her he has 13 missles pointed at U.S. cities and that she plans to talk him down during their meeting. When Jack tells her of Tony's potentially being able to destroy the missiles, Taylor tells him only that she knows he "will do what you think is right."Jack tells Walker Taylor is unable to formally give authority but that she actually wants them to go in.Hodges and Seaton arrive at the White House.Walker calls Moss and tells him Jack's feeling on the president's non-order order. Moss okays the plan.Jack calls Tony and tells him everything is a go, but adds that Tony must carry out the mission discreetly. Hodges' men are under orders to launch the missiles if they detect any government breach.We see that security around the missiles is being increased. Stokes calls Chapman and tells him the tanks are fueled and ready. When Stokes hangs up Tony appears with a gun to the head of the truck driver. Tony tells Stokes to take him down to the fuel tanks.Hodges and Seaton sit with Taylor in the Oval Office. Hodges denies working with Juma and asks that Starkwood be involved in domestic and foreign policy as a fifth branch of the military.Tony plants his explosives and leaves the tank area with Stokes. The driver sneaks up from behind and hits Tony in the head, knocking his detonator into a grate and allowing Stokes to punch a breach code into a nearby panel.Chapman sees the alert and begins the launch sequence. Chapman enters the launch codes but Tony is able to grab his detonator and destroy the missiles before they launch. Moss and his men move in.While considering Hodges' offer, Woods pulls Taylor out of the room to tell her the bio-weapon facility was destroyed.A group of Secret Service agents return to the Oval Office with Taylor and Hodges is placed under arrest. He warns Taylor that he is only "a small cog in a very big machine."Jack speaks with Taylor about the work Tony did at Starkwood. During the conversation he begins to lose his train of through, obviously experiencing symptoms from the pathogen.Moss has secured the weapons facility and Tony is unharmed. Walker tells Moss she must go because Kim Bauer has arrived. Moss tells Tony Kim is there to help Jack with an experimental treatment. Moss says he must take take Tony into custody but orders his handcuffs removed. "I'm ready to pay for what I've done," Tony says. (Uh-oh)Dr. Macer tells Jack the memory loss makes sense but that the disease is moving faster than she expected. He tells Macer he feels like "I'm losing some part of myself." Macer says hallucinations could be part of the disease.In the hallway Moss tells Jack Kim has arrived. Furious, Jack yanks her into a side room. Jack tells her he was prepared to accept his death but that having Kim there was the "one thing that will make this unbearable." She reveals that Kim was at the Senate hearing and had actually been trying to contact him all day.Jack and Kim have a tearful reunion in the field office lobby. They both have have missed each other and each apologizes for making mistakes. Kim asks why Jack doesn't want her to try and help. He says there would be a small risk to her. The pain of having her watch him die isn't worth the small chance of saving his life. Jack begins to have more symptoms and tells her to leave.Near one of the Starkwood gates a Starkwood operative shoots an FBI agent in his car. Another agent shows up to disarm the operative and finds a canister of the bio-weapon in his bag. The agent calls Moss and tells him the operative was trying to smuggle the weapon out in the dead agent's vehicle. The operative gets the jump on the second agent while he is speaking with Moss and kills him as well. The operative jumps in the car and reverses out of the area. Moss contacts Walker, tells her to close down all the access roads and gets in the helicopter.Janis helps Moss locate the FBI vehicle using its GPS. The helicopter finds the operative and lands when he leaves on foot. The operative shoots and kills the helicopter pilot and Moss and Tony run out of the copter. The operative shoots Moss with a shotgun and Tony drops to Moss' side. Moss frantically warns Tony that the operative is coming up from behind him but Tony simply waves his hand and (oh lord!) the operative lowers his gun. Tony says "I'm sorry Larry" and proceeds to suffocate Moss to death with his hand. The operative gives Tony the weapon and asks how they are going to get out of there. Tony tells the operative to hide and says he will wait at the scene until the FBI arrives.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones, Annie Wersching, Jeffrey Nordling, Janeane Garofal, more...

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