Redemption A.D.

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Horror//Thriller, USA, 2015

AKAs Redemption A.D.

Tagline Reality isn't optional.

Synopsis Over the years Christian inherited his fathers legacy, he became the face of Hollywood in such a short time. Christian Telling became a household name, whether it is Social media, TV, Billboards, Fashion Magazines etc. Everyone knows who Christian is, and that he is a man with great power.There have been several rumors that his father was involved in secret organizations/societies. Which gave the Telling family everything they could ever want.Harvey (Christians adopted brother) believed this was no rumor. Harvey is confident that all of Christians fame and fortune was not what it seemed. Harvey believed Christian sold his soul to the devil for fame, and the power of fame took over the innocent Christian that society once knew.But in reality with Harveys determination to reveal who Christian truly is.. What will Harvey become in this process?

Directed by Roman Vangeli, Angel Connell  

Starring Tony Moran, Ashley Tramonte, Lilith Astaroth, Ashley Couture, Joseph Oliveira, more...

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