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Directed by
Nicolai Fuglsig

Peter Craig
Doug Stanton
Ted Tally

Produced by
Yale Badik
Jerry Bruckheimer
Marty Funkhouser
Garrett Grant
Broderick Johnson
Andrew A. Kosove
Thad Luckinbill
Trent Luckinbill
Emma McGill
Ellen H. Schwartzová
Molly Smith
David H. Venghaus Jr.

Original Music by
Lorne Balfe

Rasmus Videbak

Chris Hemsworth Captain Mitch Nelson
Elsa Pataky
Taylor Sheridan Brian
Michael Shannon
Austin Stowell
Michael Pena
Geoff Stults
Rob Riggle Colonel Max Bowers
Jack Kesy Actor
Trevante Rhodes
Navid Negahban General Dostum
Laith Nakli Commander Ahmed Lal
Ben O'Toole Scott Black
Yasmine Aamin Teacher
Allison King Marcha Spencer
Lauren Myers Lisa Diller
Kevin Kent 555 Soldier
Fahim Fazli Commander Khaled
Kenneth Miller Jackson
A. Veronica Diaz Lt Henriques
Seth Adkins Josh
Austin Hebert Actor
Yousuf Azami Captain
Shvan Aladin Al Qaeda Fighter
J. Nathan Simmons Villiage Elder
Martin Palmer Northern Alliance Soldier
Sebastian Lionell Northern Alliance Soldier / Dostum Flank
Ali Olomi Afghan Man
Frank Powers SF Civilian
James Joseph Pulido Newmark
Peter Malek Habib
Nour M. Bitar Afghany Mother
Benjamin Poe Special Forces Captain
Anouar H. Smaine Taliban Fighter
Michael E. Stogner Village Elder
Tommy Truex Chinook Pilot
Danny Gruenberg Taliban
Vincent E. McDaniel 515 Captain
Robert H. Doudell Rug merchant
Ivan Nino Taliban Soldier
Edward Butron Taliban / New Alliance
Shaun Valdez Taliban soldier

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