Robert Towne

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Other works
actor, director, writer, producer
First name
Robert Bertram Schwartz
Edward Wain, P.H. Vazak, Robert Tubin
Date of Birth
23. November 1934, Sagittarius, 85 years
Los Angeles, California, USA

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1960 Last Woman on Earth
1961 Creature from the Haunted Sea
1971 Drive, He Said
The Zodiac Killer
1983 American Masters
1987 The Pick-up Artist
2004 Suspect Zero / Suspect 0
2006 50 Films to See Before You Die
2009 Robert Towne
2011 American Cinema of the 70s
The Story of Film: An Odyssey
Post-War Cinema
2013 Salinger

Directed by
1982 Personal Best
1988 Tequila Sunrise
1998 Without Limits
2006 Ask the Dust
2009 The 39 Steps

1960 Last Woman on Earth
1962 The Lloyd Bridges Show
1963 The Outer Limits
A Personal Matter
My Daddy Can Beat Your Daddy
Breaking Point
1964 So Many Pretty Girls, So Little Time
The Dove Affair
The Chameleon
The Tomb of Ligeia
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1967 Bonnie and Clyde
1968 Villa Rides
1971 Drive, He Said
1972 Cisco Pike
The New Centurions
1973 The Last Detail
1974 Chinatown
The Parallax View
The Yakuza
1975 Shampoo
1976 The Missouri Breaks
1977 Orca / Orca: Killer Whale / The Killer Whale
1978 Heaven Can Wait
1982 Personal Best
1983 Deal of the Century
1984 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes
1986 8 Million Ways to Die
1987 Tough Guys Don't Dance
1988 Tequila Sunrise
1990 Days of Thunder
The Two Jakes
1993 The Firm
1994 Love Affair
1996 Mission: Impossible / Mission Impossible
1998 Without Limits
2000 Mission: Impossible II
2006 Ask the Dust
2009 The 39 Steps

Produced by
1982 Personal Best
1987 The Bedroom Window
2007 Mad Men
2014 Time Zones
The Runaways
The Strategy
A Day's Work
Field Trip
The Monolith
2015 Person to Person
The Milk and Honey Route
The Forecast
New Business
Lost Horizon
Time & Life

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