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1987 Biography

1987 Biography
2004 Inside Dish with Rachael Ray

Produced by
Unaired Pilot
1987 Biography
1995 Streets of Laredo
1999 House Hunters
2004 Inside Dish with Rachael Ray
2007 Ice Road Truckers
Destination: Diamond Mine
Into the Whiteout
On the Edge
The Big Melt
Driving on Thin Ice
The Final Run
Ready to Roll
Off the Ice
Dash for the Cash
The Ice Road: Then and Now
The Rookie Challenge
The Big Chill
Midseason Mayhem
2008 Hundred Ton Haul
Off the Ice
The Big Blizzard
Edge of the Earth
Road to the Finale
Man vs. Ice
Lost on the Ice
Highway Maggots
The Big Thaw
The World Crumbles
A Rookie Fumbles
Mechanical Mayhem
A Trucker's Farewell
Man Down
Arctic Whiteout
The Road to Season 2
2009 Deadliest Ice Road
Rookie Run
2010 New King of the Dalton
A Rookie's Nightmare
The Polar Bear Returns
Facing Down the Below
Lisa's Monster Megahaul
Danger at 55 Below
Storm Over Atigun
The Ace vs the Ice
The Dalton Strikes Back
Blood on the Dalton
Deadly Melt
A Legend Meets His End
Breaking Through
Convoy to Hell
2011 The Heat Is On
The Braking Point
Pushing the Edge
Rookie Rebellion
A Banged-Up Job
Under the Hammer
No More Mr. Nice Guy
The Last Dash
Ice Road Rage
Wrong Turn & Burned
Ice Rogue Trucker
Fire on Ice
Hittin' the Skids
Road to Nowhere
Judgement Day
2012 An Iraq War Vet and Wife Seek First Home for Future Family
2013 The Wrecking Crew
Ice Rodeo
Jagged Little Hill
Haul of the Wild
Load Rules
Art of War
Collision Course
Winter Takes All
Hail to the King!
Fear the Crack
World War Hugh
Art Attack

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