Jason Bateman

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Other works
actor, director, producer
First name
Jason Kent Bateman
Date of Birth
14. January 1969, Capricorn, 48 years
Rye, New York, USA
1.8 m


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2018 Game Night
2017 Felt
2016 Office Christmas Party
Central Intelligence
2015 Energy on the Edge
The Gift
The Family Fang
2014 This Is Where I Leave You
Katie You Can Drive My Car
Trust Fall
Growing Up Fisher
Horrible Bosses 2
Jason Bateman/Katie Lowes
Work with Me
Jason Bateman/Andy CohenCold War Kids
Growing Up Feinberg
Episode #8.38
First Time's the Charm
Episode #9.22
Blind Man's Bluff
Dame Judi Dench/Dustin Hoffman/Jennifer Aniston/Jason Bateman/Olly Murs
Jason Bateman
The Date from Hell-nado
Secret Lives of Fishers
Secret Lives & Fishers
The Longest Week
Guest Co-Host Jason Bateman/Allison Janney/Emma Watson/Brandy Clark/Mac Lethal
The Man with the Spider Tattoo
2013 Indian Takers
Episode #8.17
Bad Words
Off the Hook
Double Crossers
It Gets Better
Red Hairing
Queen B.
Colony Collapse
Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2013!
Episode dated 1 February 2013
A New Start
Borderline Personalities
Episode #20.77
Episode #8.25
The B. Team
Arrested Development
A New Attitude
Jason Bateman
Episode #10.365
Flight of the Phoenix
Identity Thief
2012 Always Open
Episode #10.137
Hit and Run
2011 Episode #6.31
Horrible Bosses
Episode #18.154
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Karaoke
Sigourney Weaver/Jason Bateman
Episode #6.34
Episode #1.484
Episode #19.179
Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman
The Change-Up
2010 Jason Bateman
The Switch
Episode #1.293
2009 Taming of the Dude
Couples Retreat
Episode #1.160
Math Lab
World's Greatest Teacher
Episode #1.81
Miracle's Are Real
Jason Bateman
Back in Time
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
The Invention of Lying
Helen and Sue's High School Reunion
High School Confidential
State of Play
Episode #1.104
The Invention of Lying
Mr. Hofftard Goes to Washington
High School Musical Musical
Arrested Development
Episode #22.4
Sit Down Shut Up
Up in the Air
Hurricane Willard
2008 Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Oscar, que empiece el espectáculo
Tropic Thunder
The Promotion
Alex Zane's GuestList
Hancock / Tonight, he comes
2007 Juno
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Smokin' Aces
The Kingdom
The Kingdom
2006 Pilot
Fast Track / The Ex
Arthur et les Minimoys
Only Connect
The Intervention
Development Arrested
Flight School
Exit Strategy
The Jerk Who Came in from the Cold
My Big Bird
Family Ties
Don't Mess with Sloppy
Parent Teacher Conference
The Break-Up
Fakin' It
2005 Queen for a Day
Forget Me Now
For British Eyes Only
Switch Hitter
Ready, Aim, Marry Me
Episode #5.5
The Balance
Out on a Limb
Righteous Brothers
Prison Break-In
Mr. F
The Immaculate Election
Hand to God
The Petriot Act
Motherboy XXX
The Cabin Show
Meat the Veals
The Ocean Walker
Home Away from Homer
Burning Love
Oh, Brother!/What's the Difference?
Making a Stand
Jason Bateman/Kelly Clarkson
Spring Breakout
Made in Hollywood
Sword of Destiny
2004 Storming the Castle
Good Grief!
Beef Consomme
Altar Egos
Marta Complex
Episode #12.22
Afternoon Delight
The One Where Michael Leaves
Pier Pressure
Best Man for the Gob
Jason Bateman
Justice Is Blind
Episode #1.11
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Starsky & Hutch
Let 'Em Eat Cake
Sad Sack
Whistler's Mother
Shock and Aww
Public Relations
The One Where They Build a House
Staff Infection
Missing Kitty
Not Without My Daughter
2003 The Jake Effect
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Top Banana
My Mother the Car
Key Decisions
In God We Trust
Bringing Up Buster
Charity Drive
Arrested Development
Visiting Ours
2002 The Sweetest Thing / Untitled Nancy Pimental Project
One Way Out
Last Call with Carson Daly
The Sweetest Thing
2001 Fight Night
Blah, Blah, Blah
A Brief Encounter
Shaggy Dog Story
The Fairly OddParents
Some of My Best Friends
Sol Goode
2000 Star 80 Proof
1999 Love Stinks
1998 The Nanny
The Nine Wives of Leo Wagonman
The Teacher
The Massage: Part 2
The Massage: Part 1
The Bongos
The Poker Game
The Gift
The Other Bookstore
Jason Bateman
1997 The Wedding
The Witness
George & Leo
To Have and to Hold
The Eggnog
The Baby-Care Class
The Cameo Episode
The Job
The Smokers
The Halloween Show
Chicago Sons
The Bribe
The Thanksgiving Show
The Housekeeper
The Review
1996 Simon Gets the Goal
The Daily Show
Comedy Central Canned Ham
Simon Sinks the Putts
Simon Takes the Helm
Simon Goes to the Dogs
Simon Kicks Ass
1995 Simon's Ship Comes In
Simon and the She-Devil
Simon Has Faulty Pants
Simon Says Surprise!
Simon Gets Carl a Job
Ned and Stacey
Who Killed the Movie Mogul?
You Can Run from Christmas, But You Can't Hide
Simon Saves a Restaurant
Simon Hunts a Rat
Simon Goes on a Date
Watch This
Simon Plays Carnegie Hall
Simon Gets a Butler
Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart
1994 This Can't Be Love
Inside the Actors Studio
Confessions: Two Faces of Evil
1993 Late Show with David Letterman
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
1992 HBO First Look
Breaking the Rules
A Taste for Killing
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
1991 A Family Affair
A Sneaking Suspicion
Necessary Roughness
Isn't It Romantic?
Ho, Ho, Hogans
1990 Prom, Lies and Videotape
The Best of Friends, Worst of Times
Forget Me Not
From Russia with Fries
The Baby Stops Here
It Happened One Night... Or Did It?
A Matter of Principal
The Franklin Family
Used Car
Mutiny on the Bossy
Ex Marks the Spot
Bad Day at Bossy Burger
The Go-Between
Crimes and Misdemeanors
California Dreamin': Part 1
Come Fly with Me
The Play's the Thing
California Dreamin': Part 2
1989 Viva Las Vegas
Boy Meets Girl
The Tracks of My Tears
Get a Job
Private Lessons
Boy Loses Girl
Episode #1.15
The Hospital
Rebel with a Cause
Educating Rita
The Long Goodbye
Double Date
License to Drive
The Arsenio Hall Show
Paris: Part 2
Coming to America
Episode #1.40
Stir Crazy
The Best of Gleason 3
Paris: Part 3
Paris: Part 1
Stan and Deliver
Secretarial Poole
Oh Dad, Poor Dad
Sandy in Love
The Naked Truth
Strangers on a Train
The Rivals
1988 48 Hours
Save Baby Mark
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Mark and Willie's Day Off
Foiled Again
Mother Poole's Visit
Saturday Night Feverish
Moving Target
Tobacco Road
The Big Sleep
The King and I
Animal House
Faulty Attraction
The Fifth Beatle
Close Encounters
Help Wanted
Dad's First Date
Teacher's Pet
A Restaurant Named Desire
Skip III: The Bailout
1987 You've Got to Believe
The Network
Never on Tuesday
Love with the Proper Hogan
Liars and Other Strangers
Movin' On
Bates Motel
Whose Team Is It Anyway?
School of Hard Knocks
Oedipus Wrecks
Boston Tea Party
American Film Institute Comedy Special
Wooly Bully
The Return of Uncle Skip
Take My Wife, Please
A Room with No View
A Night to Remember
Poetic Injustice
You Bet Your Life
Noise Polluters
Shape Up and Move Out
Bad Timing
Babes in the Woods
Hogan vs. Hogan
Teen Wolf Too
Burned Out
Community Theatre
Nightmare on Oak Street
1986 Benefit of the Doubt
Full Moon
Executive Material
The Wrong Stuff
One of a Kind
The Way We're Not
You Beta Your Life
Dr. No
Dog Day Afternoon
Can You Feel Me Dancing?
Sick House
Caught on a Hot Tin Roof
Old Enough
The Thanksgiving Promise
The Roots of All Evil
Valerie's Family
One of the Boys
Happy Anniversary
The Six
Of Human Blondage
Small Packages
This Son for Hire
The Big Fix-Up
Leave It to Willie
1985 Right to Kill?
Episode dated 10 April 1985
The Dregs of Humanity: Part 1
The Dregs of Humanity: Part 2
Caught in the Act
The Experts
Eli's Song
Mr. Belvedere
Episode dated 1 July 1985
A Woman Is Just a Woman
Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
1984 Put to the Test
Dad and Me
Dating Games
The Rival
Lost Knight
The Christmas Show
Don't Leave Home Without It
St Louis Blues
Pajama Party
Top Dog
Rick the Greek
Night Work
The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins
Love Letters
It's Your Move
1983 Junior Businessman
Passports to Pleasure
Mr. President
Attack of the Giant Frog People
Just a Little More Love
Sounds of Silence
A Fair to Remember
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Three's a Crowd
Driver Ed
The Toy Wonder
1982 Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow: Part 2
Second Chance
Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow: Part 1
Father Nature
Stone Soup
Uncle Jed
A Promise to Keep
No Beast So Fierce
Silver Spoons
Takin' a Chance on Love
He Was Only Twelve: Part 1
I'm Just Wild About Harry
The Legacy
Falling in Love Again
Boys Will Be Boys
One to Grow On
Honor Thy Father
A Little Magic
He Was Only Twelve: Part 2
1981 The Reincarnation of Nellie: Part 1
For the Love of Nancy
The Lost Ones: Part 1
Growin' Pains
A Wiser Heart
Gambini the Great
A Christmas They Never Forgot
Dark Sage
The Lost Ones: Part 2
The Reincarnation of Nellie: Part 2
Wave of the Future
1974 Little House on the Prairie
Scenes from an Italian Party
Super Spies
The Marriage Counselor
Kiss Me Guido

Directed by
2015 The Family Fang
2013 Bad Words
2008 Work Sex
2004 Afternoon Delight
2001 The Replacements
2000 The Shrink Gets Shrunk
1999 Game Ball
Mr. Right Under Your Nose
The Golf War
1998 Brother's Keeper
For Your Love
1997 Pound Foolish
1990 It Happened One Night... Or Did It?
1989 Secretarial Poole
Educating Rita
1986 Valerie's Family

Produced by
2018 Game Night
2015 The Family Fang
2014 Secret Lives & Fishers
Work with Me
First Time's the Charm
Blind Man's Bluff
Growing Up Fisher
The Date from Hell-nado
The Man with the Spider Tattoo
Katie You Can Drive My Car
Trust Fall
2013 Billiards: Choose a Cue, Rack, Break
Foods That Affect Your Libido
Pool Hall Etiquette
Running Into Your Ex
Your Softer Side w/ Craig Bierko
American Whiskey
Public Speaking W/Annie Lederman
Winter Accessories
Beer Tasting
Identity Thief
Bad Words
Cheap Dates W/Roger
Rent or Buy
I Don't Know How to Dance
Lingerie Gifts: Avoid the Bra
Breaking It Off Clean W/Annie Lederman
2012 Submission Holds
Mansome's Guide to Larping
Trash Talking
Halloween Costumes You Already Own
Terrible Drinks Made Great
How to Get Her Out
Siphoning Glass
Pick-up Basketball Etiquette
The 5-Minute Meal
Man Drinks: Old-Fashioned
How to Build a Shelter
You're Wasting Your Time
Can Men Do Brunch?
Keeping Stains from the Wife
Your Girlfriend's Better Than You
Grooming and Jack Passion
The Only 3 Wardrobe Items You Need
Drunk Dialing with Morgan Spurlock
The Bowtie
Root for a Team in Enemy Territory
Choosing a Bike
Make Any Suit Mansome
Perfect Facial Hair
Passing a Drug Test
Meeting Her Parents w/ Annie Lederman
Tracking for the Apocalypse
Barber vs. Salon
Cooking with Booze
Perfect Martini
Most Mansome Exercise: The Burpee
Playground Workout
Crafting a Love Song with Tim Nordwind
Mansome Up Your Apartment
The Cast Iron Pan
Budget Meal
The Ultimate Burger
Thrift Lab Killing
Urban Camoflauge
Choosing a Steak
Dress for an Interview
Not That Into You
Speaking Before Thinking w/ Toure
Survival Home Bar
How to Get Laid Off
Surviving a Hangover
Going Home for the Holidays
Moving On
How to Survive a Bear Attack
Aphrodisiacs with Danny Boome
Always Open
Wingman with Dot Com
Boxers, Briefs, or Commando
Sounding Like a High Roller
Things Ladies Do
Bar Fight
Urine: Old Water to New Water!
Under the Banner of Heaven
Look Better Naked with John Hodgman
Acceptable Man Jewelry
Couch Cooking
Bartitsue Hat and Cape
Packing a Suitcase
Choosing a Fish
Carving a Turkey
How to Call in Sick
Avoiding the Friend Zone with Dot Com
Choosing a Trainer
Cooking a Steak
Jeans 101
What Your Dog Says About You
When Is It Okay to Cry?
Surviving an Office Romance
Seduction Friday W/Adam Garone
Bartitsu Umbrella Cane
How to Win Big at Black Jack
Crashing Events
Mansome Libations: Scotch
How to Hide Your Gut
Moving in with Her
Your Girlfriend's Friends Hate You with Nikki and Sara
Change Your Look
Get Friends to Break Up with Their Girlfriends
Antiquated Manners with Godfrey
Properly Cook a Turkey
Perfect Best Man Speech
The Art of Listening
Tailgating with Cutlets
The Perfect Punch
Andy Richter
Beating the Heat (in Summer Fashion)
The Most Mansome Stretch (Yoga)

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