Selma Blair

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First name
Selma Blair Beitner
Date of Birth
23. June 1972, Cancer, 48 years
Southfield, Michigan, USA
1.6 m

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Legally Blonde - USA, 2001
The Sweetest Thing - USA, 2002
Hellboy - USA, 2004
The Fog - Canada/USA, 2005


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1981 MTV News
1992 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
1993 The Adventures of Pete & Pete
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
1995 Das Bus
1996 The Broccoli Theory
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
Comedy Central Canned Ham
1997 La Mano Negra
Strong Island Boys
1998 Girl
Brown's Requiem
Designated Driver
No Laughing Matter
1999 Pilot
Down and Out at Bleeker and Houston
Hard Cheese on Zoe
Cruel Intentions / Sexual Provocation
The Advice
Sympathy for Jack
The Trouble with Jane
To Jack, from Zoe
When Zoe Met Johnny
Zoe Under the Influence
A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Run, Man Ray, Run
Everything You Wanted to Know About Zoe
2000 Crossing the Line
I Don't Feel So Good
The Feud
Down to You
Kiss of Death
Party Girls
Selma Blair
A Midsummer Night's Nightmare
Desperately Seeking Zoe
The Customer Is Always Vic
Too Much Pressure
Three Years Later
No Good Deed
My Dinner with Andy
Tall, Dark and Duncan's Boss
Episode #8.8
2001 Storytelling / Untitled Todd Solondz Project
Kill Me Later
Legally Blonde
Kill Me Later
2002 The Sweetest Thing / Untitled Nancy Pimental Project
The One with Christmas in Tulsa
The Sweetest Thing
2003 Dallas 362
Episode #11.7
A Guy Thing
Coast to Coast
2004 Episode #12.154
DeMarco Affairs
A Dirty Shame
In Good Company
Episode #12.55
2005 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
The Showbiz Show with David Spade
Episode #13.145
Episode #1.6
The Fog
Pretty Persuasion
The Deal
2006 The Alibi / Lies and Alibis
The Night of the White Pants
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms
2007 Waz
Purple Violets
Feast of Love
Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron
2008 The Poker House
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Live Results Show: One Contestant Eliminated
Episode #16.175
Episode #16.115
My Mom's New Boyfriend
Web Therapy
2009 Episode #1.23
Episode #5.187
2010 Finale Part 1
Bringing Up Babies
Race to the Finish
Reunion Special
Finale Part 2
Larger Than Life
And Sew It Begins
Maternity Leave
A Look in the Line
Mommy Track
There's a Pattern Here
We're in a New York State of Mind
You Can Totally Wear That Again
It's a Party
A Rough Day on the Runway
The Family Tree
There Is an I in Team
What's Mine Is Yours
Hats Off to You
2011 Different Kind of Love
Dark Horse
Web Therapy
2012 Charlie Gets Romantic
Charlie and the Slumpbuster
Charlie Outs a Patient
Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy Is Legit
Anger Management
In Their Skin
Charlie's Dad Visits
Episode #8.266
Columbus Circle
The Insanity Offense
Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail
Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation
Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient
Charlie Dates Kate's Patient
Charlie Goes Back to Therapy
2013 Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes
Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic
Charlie & Cee Lo
Out There
Charlie's Patients Hook Up
Charlie's New Sex Study Partner
Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study
Charlie and Kate's Dirty Pictures
Charlie Lets Kate Take Charge
Charlie and the Sex Addict
Charlie Is an Expert Witness
Episode #9.64
Charlie and Kate Do It for Money
Charlie and the Virgin
Charlie Breaks Up with Kate
Charlie Gets the Party Started
Charlie and the Prison Riot
Charlie & the Secret Gigolo
Charlie Loses it at a Baby Shower
Charlie and the Hooker
Charlie and the Cheating Patient
Charlie and the Airport Sext
Charlie Dates a Teacher
Andy Samberg Wears a Plaid Shirt & Glasses
Charlie and the Hot Nerd
Charlie and the Break-Up Coach
Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry
Charlie & Catholicism
Charlie and His New Therapist
Charlie and His New Friend with Benefits
Charlie's Dad Breaks Bad
Charlie Dates a Serial Killer's Sister
Charlie and the Grad Student
Charlie Does It for Science
Enter Destiny
Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose It
Charlie and the Devil
Charlie and the Sting
Charlie & Jen Together Again
Charlie and Deception Therapy
Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich
Charlie and Lacey Piss Off the Neighborhood
Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life
Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into Trouble
Charlie and the Ex-Patient
Charlie and the Hit and Run
Charlie and Kate Horse Around
Episode #9.67
2014 Charlie and the Pajama Intervention
Bird Strike
Charlie and the Last Temptation of Eugenio
Charlie and His Probation Officer's Daughter
Charlie and the Epic Relationship Fail
2015 Conspiracy Theories
The Verdict
Manna from Heaven
The Dream Team
100% Not Guilty
From the Ashes of Tragedy
The Run of His Life
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
The Race Card
American Crime Story
A Jury in Jail
Sex, Death and Bowling
2016 Mothers and Daughters
Ordinary World
Inside Look: The People v. O.J. Simpson, American Crime Story
2017 The Run of His Life
The Race Card
From the Ashes of Tragedy
A Jury in Jail
The Dream Team
Mom and Dad
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
Manna from Heaven
100% Not Guilty
Conspiracy Theories
The Verdict
2018 Heathers
I'm a No-Rust-Build-up Man Myself
Do I Look Like Mother Teresa?
Call Us When the Shuttle Lands
2019 After
2020 After We Collided

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