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2018 Hunter Killer
2017 Exit Strategy
2016 The Husband
I Love You
The Liar
A Beginner's Guide to Snuff
2015 Secrets & Lies
Personal Effects
Lady Dynamite
2013 Forget Me Not
Back from the Dead
In Too Deep
The Tomorrow People
2012 Ashes to Ashes
Jane's Getting Married
Lady Parts
Road Trip
Welcome Back
Happily Ever After
Pick's & Pakes
Freak Show
Winning Ugly
Family Matters
2011 When You Find Me
Party Down
2010 Wake Up, It's Tuesday!
Funny Money
Not Without My Daughter
The Reason
Dark Cover
The Truth
It's Hot and Sweaty, Y'all!
Crossed Wires
A Night to Forget
The Key to It All
2009 Drop Dead Diva
Alexis Stone II
The Foot in the Foreclosure
Girls Gone Wild on Gossip Girl
The Station
2008 The Least Among You
America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest
2007 Achilles Heel
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Loose Ends
The Big Bang Theory
I Love You to Death
Office Space
Episode #1.37
Hard Earned Trust
Jungle Fever
The Big Doll House
Guerrillas in the Mist
Connect the Hots
Family Reunion
He Had It Comin'...
Patriot Games
American Heiress
Trials by Fire
Lion King
Episode #1.8
Til Death Do Us Part
Hold on for One More Day
Crash and Burn
Lions and Tigers and Bears...
Four Siblings and a Funeral?
Proof of Life
Episode #1.33
Exit Wounds
Race to the Finish
Armed and Dangerous
2006 Graduation Day
Episode #1.36
Ignorance Is Bliss
Episode #1.58
Fall from Grace
Ex Factor
Episode #1.56
Episode #1.50
Character Assasination
Indecent Proposal
Et Tu Damian?
Episode #1.49
Mark of Cain
Rescue Me
Episode #1.44
Episode #1.47
Second Chance
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Episode #1.51
Episode #1.59
Episode #1.43
Episode #1.41
Episode #1.22
Disappearing Acts
Arsenic and Old Ladies
Episode #1.46
Episode #1.25
Episode #1.26
There's No Place Like Home
Episode #1.62
Episode #1.54
Episode #1.48
Episode #1.42
Episode #1.57
The Truth Hurts
Darkest Dawn

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