Rita Tushingham

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Date of Birth
14. March 1940, Pisces, 79 years
Garston, Liverpool, Anglie, UK


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2020 Last Night in Soho
2017 On Chesil Beach
2016 Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories
Looking for the Girl
2014 Episode #2.5
Episode #2.6
Episode #2.4
2013 In the Flesh
2012 The Wee Man
Outside Bet
2011 Seamonsters
2010 Seamonsters
2008 Out of the Night
Broken Lines
The Calling
2007 The Hideout
Bullets, Bombs and Bridges: The Story of the War Film
Happy Birthday BAFTA
British Film Forever
2006 Swinging Britain 1965-1966
Teenage Rebels 1960-1962
Marple: The Sittaford Mystery
Sex, Spies and Rock and Roll 1962-1964
Angel Cake
2005 Creative Problem Solving
2004 Being Julia / Csodálatos Júlia
2003 Life Beyond the Box: Margo
2002 Shadow Play
2000 Out of Depth
1999 Swing
1998 Nächte mit Joan
1997 Under the Skin
1995 An Awfully Big Adventure
1994 Gospel According to Harry
1992 Hamburger Gift
1991 Dieter Gütt - ein Journalist
1989 Resurrected
1988 Episode #4.14
Episode #4.13
1986 A Judgment in Stone
Flying / Dream to Believe / Teenage Dream
1985 Pippi Longstocking
1984 Seeing R.E.D.
1980 Don't Let Them Kill Me on Wednesday
Lady Killers
1977 Green Eyes
Pane, burro e marmellata
1975 The 'Human' Factor
1974 Pilot: No Strings
You Live Your Life and I'll Live Yours
No Strings
The Morning After the Party Before
No Strings
Grow and Let Grow
Say It with a Flower
Look Before You Eat
Is There a Patient in the House?
1973 Red Riding Hood
1972 Straight on Till Morning
1971 Comedy Playhouse
1969 The Guru
The Bed Sitting Room
1968 Diamonds for Breakfast
1967 Smashing Time
1966 A Bob Hope Comedy Special
The Trap
1965 Doctor Zhivago
The Knack / The Knack... and How to Get It
1964 Girl with Green Eyes
The Leather Boys
1963 A Place to Go
1962 Dora Bryan
1961 A Taste of Honey
The 60s: The Beatles Decade

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