Ralph Richardson

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actor, director, producer
First name
Ralph David Richardson
Lt. Cmdr Ralph Richardson RNVR, Sir Ralph Richardson
Date of Birth
19. December 1902, Sagittarius
Tivoli Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Anglie, UK
1.83 m
Date of Death
10. October 1983, 81 years
Marylebone, London, Anglie, Velká Británie


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1981 Christmas Show 1981
A Christmas Carol 1951
A Doll's House 1973
A Passionate Stranger 1957
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1972
All This It Is Our Duty to Bear 1964
Allah Made Mesopotamia... and Added Flies 1964
And We Were Young 1964
Anna Karenina 1948
Backstage with Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud 1970
Battle of Britain 1969
Blandings Castle 1967
British Art and Artists 1958
Bulldog Jack 1935
Camera Three 1955
Campanadas a medianoche 1965
Charlie Muffin
City of London Festival 1962
Crosswords 1976
Dame Sybil Thorndike 1960
Damn Them, Are They Never Coming In? 1964
David Copperfield 1969
Day Out 1977
Doctor Zhivago 1965
Dragonslayer 1981
Eagle in a Cage 1972
Early Days 1981
Exodus 1960
Fat Rodzyanko Has Sent Me Some Nonsense 1964
Flowering Cherry 1958
For Gawd's Sake Don't Send Me 1964
For Such a Stupid Reason Too 1964
Frankenstein: The True Story 1973
Friday the Thirteenth 1933
Give My Regards to Broad Street 1984
Great Performances 1972
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes 1984
Heart to Heart 1962
Hell Cannot Be So Terrible 1964
Home 1972
Home at Seven 1952
Invitation to the Wedding 1985
It Was Like the End of the World 1964
Java Head 1934
Jesus of Nazareth / Gesù di Nazareth 1977
Johnson Over Jordan 1965
Khartoum 1966
Lady Caroline Lamb 1972
Laurence Olivier: A Life 1983
Long Day's Journey Into Night 1962
Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best 1967
Lord Emsworth and Company for Gertrude 1967
Lord Emsworth and the Crime Wave at Blandings 1967
Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend 1967
Midas Run 1969
No Man's Land 1978
O Lucky Man! / Coffee Man 1973
Oh! What a Lovely War 1969
On the Idle Hill of Summer... 1964
On the Night of the Fire 1940
Only War, Nothing But War 1964
Oscar Wilde 1960
Our Hats We Doff to General Joffre 1964
Our Man in Havana 1959
Outcast of the Islands 1952
Pig Hoo-oo-ey! 1967
Please God Send Us Victory 1964
Q Planes 1939
Richard III 1955
Right Is More Precious Than Peace 1964
Rollerball 1975
School for Secrets 1946
She Stoops to Conquer 1971
Smiley 1956
So Sleep Easy in Your Beds 1964
South Riding 1938
Stage 2 1971
Stage and Screen 2010
Surely We Have Perished 1964
Tales from the Crypt 1972
The 300 Spartans 1962
The Battle for The Battle of Britain 1969
The Bed Sitting Room 1969
The Citadel 1938
The Day Will Dawn 1942
The Devil Is Coming 1964
The Divorce of Lady X 1938
The Fallen Idol 1948
The Four Feathers 1939
The Ghoul 1933
The Great Pumpkin Crisis 1967
The Great War 1964
The Heiress 1949
The Hell Where Youth and Laughter Go 1964
The Holly and the Ivy 1952
The Iron Thrones Are Falling 1964
The King of Paris 1934
The Largest Theatre in the World: Heart to Heart 1962
The Lion Has Wings 1939
The Looking Glass War 1969
The Man in the Iron Mask 1977
The Man Who Could Work Miracles 1936
The Return of Bulldog Drummond 1934
The Silver Fleet 1943
The Sound Barrier 1952
The Wrong Box 1966
The Wrong Box 1966
Things to Come 1936
This Business May Last a Long Time 1964
Thunder in the City 1937
Time Bandits 1981
Time to Remember 2010
Watership Down 1978
We Are Betrayed, Sold, Lost 1964
We Await the Heavenly Manna 1964
We Must Hack Our Way Through 1964
What Are Our Allies Doing? 1964
When Must the End Be? 1964
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? 1972
Why Don't You Come and Help? 1964
William: The Life, Works and Times of William Shakespeare 1973
Witness for the Prosecution 1982
Woman of Straw 1964

Directed by
Home at Seven 1952

Produced by
The Silver Fleet 1943

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